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Read our whitepaper “Stronger Together: The Benefits of Combining Unified Communications & Contact Center in the Enterprise” to learn more about the benefits of uniting your cloud-based unified communications and contact center solutions.

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Mobilize Your Contact Center

Today, you need communications solutions that are flexible, fit the needs of your organization, and can scale up or down at the speed of your business, all while mobilizing your workforce. Combining your unified communications and contact center needs is a no-brainer. Learn more in our Fuze Contact Center overview.

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Mobilize Your Contact Center

Why Are Unified Communications & Contact Center Stronger Together?

Flexibility and Mobility

The benefit of a cloud-based unified communications & call center solution is the mobility and flexibility that it grants agents and supervisors. With remote work being the new normal, are your contact center agents enabled to work from home? Using Fuze, agents can access and participate in queues from their mobile device or desktop, and serve customers when they can’t be in the office.

Flexibility and Mobility
A Seamless Experience

A Seamless Experience

By combining unified communications and contact center technology, Fuze enables you to get everything done within one platform—seamlessly—by combining voice, chat, SMS/text, video conferencing, collaboration, and contact center. Ultimately, this completely eliminates the need for workers to transition between different technologies that cause both call center agents and supervisors to be less efficient and productive.

Increased Efficiency & Productivity

When it comes to the contact center, friction and loss of productivity of call center agents (caused by switching between multiple tools to communicate) wastes time and ultimately makes them less effective at their job. With Fuze, every functionality your workers need (calling, chat, contact center, meetings, content sharing) is available to them in one, unified platform that allows them to communicate instantly and do their best work.

Increased Efficiency & Productivity
The Nontraditional Contact Center

The Nontraditional Contact Center

Depending on the size of your company, you may not actually have a group or team operating as a “traditional” contact center. A contact center does not have to be made up of a fleet of agents—in fact, they can be as small as two individuals. These nontraditional call centers can take the shape of IT teams answering help desk tickets, human resources teams answering inquiries from employees, among other examples.

Cost Savings

With traditional contact center providers, you may be paying even more for the contact center offering you receive separately from your internal communications tools. By combining your unified communications platform with your contact center, you can reduce the extremely high costs that others providers charge at standard rates. By switching to Fuze to combine unified communications and contact center, you will:

  • Receive critical voice-only features and easy-to-use, flexible product functionality compared to omni-channel providers with an expensive price tag.
  • Pay only for the features and capabilities you need for your organization.
  • Save more money by implementing the more affordable and functional product.
Cost Savings
Volunteer Behavioral Health Care System

Fuze is extremely well suited to support our customer service and first-time appointments call center. The creation of accounts for agents and the management of the call queues is very straightforward. The data center redundancy of the company provides us with the peace of mind needed in a system that is available 24/7 like in our crisis call center.

Aaron Hall VP of IT, Volunteer Behavioral Health Care System

We use Fuze as our contact center solution. They provide all phone services for our agents. We previously had all hard phones, but recently moved to softphones. They are cost effective, and their customer support is really top notch.

Luke Ferrel Head of Global EX Operations, Qualtrics
US Auto Sales

Fuze is the cornerstone of our business operations. The tools make it easy for our staff to view current volume and ensure low wait times. It’s a great fit for organizations that do not have a heavy IT staff. The training is super easy and simple and can scale with your growth.

Travis McKeone CIO, US Auto Sales
Why Fuze?
Fuze is the #1 global cloud communications platform for unified voice, HD video calling and conferencing, integrated chatting, content sharing, and contact center.

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