Additional Features

Team Messaging



Send messages, documents, images, and links to named group chats.


No more switching between applications, tools, or devices to track down the best way to reach a colleague. Fuze provides modern team messaging with presence for distributed teams.


Always connected

Fuze facilitates seamless teamwork so users can connect groups of coworkers and external parties quickly and easily with a messaging platform supporting 1:1 and group chat across desktop, mobile, and web.


Your home for teamwork

Modern chat features make named group chats your home for specific teams, working groups, or projects. Users can send images, documents, and links or keep track of next steps and to-do’s in the group’s shared notes. Seamlessly transition from a group chat to a group call for an ad hoc meeting.


All your conversations in one place

Communicate with your customers, vendors, or partners the same way you would with colleagues internally . Quickly invite a non-employee to a 1:1 or group chat, or keep in touch via SMS/MMS chat. Search the history of your Fuze messages for specific conversations, files, and documents.




See if your colleagues are on a call, in a meeting, or set a custom status with presence.


In a world where we are constantly connected and expect immediate responses, Fuze Presence lets you know if your coworkers are available.


Sync with your activity

Fuze Presence automatically syncs with your activity, as well as Google or Microsoft Outlook calendar events to let your coworkers know if you’re available, on a call, in a Fuze Meeting, or have an event on your calendar.


Set your OOO status

Whether you’re on vacation, out sick, or at the dentist, you can set a custom OOO status to let your colleagues know that you’re unavailable and when they can expect you to be back online.


Take a break

Use Quiet Mode to schedule your daily time off and make colleagues aware of your working hours. Quiet Mode silences your notifications until you are back online during your scheduled working hours.

Calendar, Email & Contacts Integrations



Schedule a Fuze Meeting directly from Google Calendar.


Fuze works where you spend your day. Embed Fuze into your communications suite to make calls, or start and schedule meetings, and manage your contacts.


Scheduling made easy

Schedule or join a Fuze Meeting, select your Fuze Meeting type, edit Fuze Meeting settings directly from your Google Calendar or Outlook Calendar.


Make calls and start meetings from your email

Quickly and easily connect with colleagues, partners, and customers without leaving your email application. Make calls, and join and schedule meetings, directly from your Gmail or Outlook.


Sync your contacts

Fuze integrates with Office 365 Contacts and Google Contacts to ensure all corporate and personal contacts managed in Fuze Desktop are kept in sync with primary contact sources. Once imported, you can search, call, chat, or even start a video meeting with any Office 365 Contacts or Google Contacts directly from Fuze.

Fuze Data + APIs



Drill down into team or user call and meeting data with Fuze View.


Communications data has long been locked away in the black box of on-premises solutions and excluded from holistic enterprise business intelligence analysis. Fuze’s unified platform provides a centralized view of calling, meeting, and messaging data providing a unique perspective for technology and business leaders.


Access real-time data

With Fuze View, managers can access real-time data from the department level down to individual users. Whether you’re a sales manager tracking your teams’ activity, a call center supervisor viewing queue stats, or an IT manager tracking adoption metrics, Fuze View provides a detailed look into day-to-day communications statistics, along with data to monitor reliability and quality of service.


Uncover communications trends

Fuze Discover provides standard dashboards and data visualization as well as the ability to create custom views and reports. With access to two years of historical data, users can perform deep dive research and trend analysis, as well as schedule and export data for others to view.


Get even more from your data with APIs

Fuze Data allows organizations to harness the power of Fuze’s centralized interaction data so that it can be easily integrated with third-party BI tools and other line-of-business applications. This provides businesses with the ability to derive even more sophisticated, actionable, and operational insights from existing business intelligence and analytics tools.