Persona-Based Bandwidth Calculator

At Fuze, we want to ensure we are helping to set our customers up for success. For that reason, we created the Fuze bandwidth tool to help you determine how much bandwidth is necessary to have quality service. First, the tool estimates the calling patterns based on a standard set of use cases or persona types. Next, the tool uses that information to calculate the estimated voice and video bandwidth usage. Simply enter the number of users for each persona type who will use voice and video to calculate the bandwidth estimate for each site.

Fuze categorizes its users into these persona types. To learn more about our personas, please review the guides here.
Voice Users
Please enter the number of users for each
persona type and for the office location you
want to calculate usage bandwidth.
% of users making voice calls

at the same time
This is the user concurrency, meaning the total number of users that are making a call at the same time. 50% means that only have of these users would ever be on a call at the same time.
Voice Bandwidth Estimate (Mb)
Voice bandwidth is calculated using G.711 media protocol and the associated packet overheads
Administrative Assistant 50% 0
Call Center 80% 0
Executive 80% 0
Information Worker 50% 0
Reception 100% 0
Technical 35% 0
Voice Bandwidth Required (Mb)
Persona Video Users % of users making video calls
at the same time
Video Bandwidth Estimate (Mb)
Administrative Assistant 10% 0
Call Center 5% 0
Executive 30% 0
Information Worker 50% 0
Reception 5% 0
Technical 10% 0
Video Bandwidth Required (Mb)
Total Recommended bandwidth (Mb) for Site
The bandwidth is estimated based on typical usage scenarios. If the percentage of users increases, then more bandwidth will be required. As part of a Fuze deployment, the network team can work with you determine the appropriate bandwidth number.