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10 Statistics That Show the Rise of the Cloud

September 10, 2014 by

Five years ago, many people were unaware of the multitude of functions achievable through the cloud. “Cloud?” people would ask, confused. “That’s where I can put my music and Word docs, right?” Using the cloud was something for tech-savvy people with sleek, new software; it wasn’t for the average computer user.

Fast-forward half a decade, and the landscape looks much, much different. The cloud is no longer solely used for the storage of files, but it also hosts myriad other technologies. Communication, healthcare, and finance are just three of the many industries that conduct large-scale cloud operations. Most of the time, you might not even realize you’re using a program based “in the cloud.”

No longer a luxury, cloud adoption has become a necessity; it saves money, eliminates the need for equipment, increases scalability, and streamlines processes. Here are 10 statistics that exemplify the rapid change that is occurring.

  1. The global cloud market is estimated to be worth $180 billion by the year 2015. [Tweet this]
  2. An average company uses 19 different cloud-based file sharing services, which can confuse employees who aren’t sure which platform is recognized by their employer. [Tweet this]
  3. The world’s annual data center load will climb to 7.7 Zettabytes (a Zettabyte is one trillion Gigabytes) by 2017. [Tweet this]
  4. 2017 will also see 69 percent of the aforementioned anticipated data center load—which will be equal to 5.3ZB—based in the cloud, representing a 23 percent increase over the preceding five-year period. [Tweet this]
  5. It is anticipated that cloud-based computing loads will outgrow premise-based computing loads, 44 percent to 9 percent. [Tweet this]
  6. 80 percent of cloud customers said that their IT experience had been enhanced in the first six months of adopting a solution. [Tweet this]
  7. 14 percent of cloud adopters scaled back their IT operations following their move, suggesting that its ease of use and functionality are making life easier for users. [Tweet this]
  8. 82 percent of cloud users have reported a reduction in their IT costs. [Tweet this]
  9. A typical business utilizes 545 different cloud-based services. [Tweet this]
  10. 60 percent of companies with cloud technology have made it a component within their IT budget—it is not labeled in a special category; it is an integral part of their solution. [Tweet this]

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