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13 Cloud Statistics That Will Change the Way You Think About Work

June 17, 2014 by

It’s human nature to get stuck doing things in ways that are comfortable and familiar. Processes put in place long before we started work are passed down to us by our predecessors. But what if there were more efficient ways of working that could save time and money? Isn’t that the goal of every employer—to minimize expenditures while maximizing gain?

Here are 13 statistics from around the web that speak to the implementation of cloud technology—and that demonstrate that there is indeed a more efficient way of doing just about everything.

Stats That Prove the Cloud Keeps You Up-to-Date with the Latest Technology

1. 70 percent of companies either have switched or plan to switch to cloud unified communications. [Tweet This]

2. North America currently makes up 87 percent of UC subscribers, but that number is sure to change as the rest of the world adopts UC. [Tweet This]

3. Gartner stated that the cloud market was worth $131 billion in 2013, a $19 billion increase from 2012. [Tweet This]

4. The number of UCaaS subscribers is increasing 30 percent with each year. [Tweet This]

5. Private Branch Exchange (PBX) subscriptions are decreasing by 5 percent annually. [Tweet This]

Stats That Prove the Cloud Makes Teams More Productive 

6. 62 percent of companies planning to deploy UC systems say that employee collaboration is a top reason for installation. [Tweet This]

7. By tying together email, voicemail, and fax, unified messaging (UM) can save 40 minutes per day. [Tweet This]

8. Voice response systems can save between five and 15 minutes that are otherwise spent on hold per day. [Tweet This]

9. 60 percent of CIOs say that the cloud has become their top priority. [Tweet This]

Stats That Prove the Cloud Can Save Resources

10. 67 percent of unified communications subscribers have achieved or exceeded their predicted return on investment. [Tweet This]

11. UC can save companies with 100 employees up to 191 company-wide hours per day. [Tweet This]

12. A company with 100 employees can save up to $920,000 per year in productivity. [Tweet This]

13. 84 percent of CIOs who have implemented cloud technology have seen reductions in application costs. [Tweet This]

Implementation of new technology can be a daunting undertaking, but the savings aren’t limited to money. By reducing the amount of time spent communicating, your office will be more efficient with less effort. It’s that simple.

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