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15 Game-Changing Mobile Statistics That Every CIO Should Know

July 15, 2014 by

It’s often said that the only constant is change. Indeed, in the modern working world, this old adage is becoming more and more true. Given increasing globalization and expansion of companies, our jobs require us to be on the road more than they used to. As a result, we are being asked to carry out our work from places other than our desks. Thankfully, there are new mobile solutions in place to help us out. Here are 15 statistics about mobility that every modern CIO needs to know.

  1. 378,000 iPhones are purchased everyday. 371,000 babies are born everyday. [Tweet this]
  2. There are now more mobile devices than people in the U.S. [Tweet this]
  3. Four billion mobile phones are in use worldwide. [Tweet this]
  4. In 2014, one in four people will redeem a coupon through their mobile device. [Tweet this]
  5. Mobile web adoption is growing eight times faster than web adoption did in the 1990s and 2000s. [Tweet this]
  6. The US wireless industry has a market value of $195.5 billion—more than air transportation, hotels, motion picture, and motor vehicles. [Tweet this]
  7. 90 percent of American adults own mobile phones, and 58 percent own smartphones. [Tweet this]
  8. Revenue from fixed and mobile broadband subscribers exceeds $3 billion. [Tweet this]
  9. Mobile subscriptions are projected to reach 6.9 billion, and smartphones are believed to make up 18% of subscribers. [Tweet this]
  10. 42 percent of American adults own a mobile tablet. [Tweet this]
  11. 60 percent of mobile phone owners use their device to access the Internet, and 52 percent use it to check their email. [Tweet this]
  12. In three years, 45% of mobile traffic will be fixed or offloaded through Wi-Fi. [Tweet this]
  13. The number of Android phones sold per day equals the height of 327 Empire State Buildings. [Tweet this]
  14. The number of iPhones sold in 2011 equals the weight of 10,000 elephants. [Tweet this]
  15. Three-quarters of Americans bring their smartphones to the bathroom. [Tweet this]
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