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2014: Time to Harvest UCaaS Benefits

January 06, 2014 by

Unicomm Consulting analyst Don Van Doren makes the case that this is the year for corporate enterprises to “Harvest UC Benefits.”

As we all are witnessing, there is a sea change at work in business communications. And more broadly, within enterprise information technology.

Fueled by a number of powerful forces – mobility, cloud applications, global workforces, the bring your own device (BYOD) movement, big data, and the soaring purchase and maintenance costs of legacy equipment – this radical shift is impacting not only IT departments, but every aspect of today’s businesses.

Historically, large businesses and their IT staffs were in charge when it came to companywide technology selection, purchase, and deployment. Employees considered the technologies they used in the office – including such things as desktop computers, desk phones, software operating systems and applications, fax machines, etc. – to be on the cutting edge. Only later did many of these technologies and others make their way to smaller businesses, and ultimately, to consumers.

Today, the roles are reversed. Consumers are the principle technology adopters, with employees using popular consumer market technologies and devices at home and then introducing them into the workplace. Businesses, on the other hand, are signing on to the latest technologies later, often only after they have become ubiquitous. As a result, IT departments are faced with a loss of control and visibility. And having to decide how to manage and support technology they did not purchase or provision.

The opportunity for forward-thinking enterprises and IT leaders is to embrace mobility, the cloud, and BYOD to empower workers, make them dramatically more productive, increase business agility, enhance communications and collaboration, and be more responsive to customers. And as Van Doren argues, 2014 is the year to make this happen.

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