2018 Workplace Trend: Emotive Employees

September 25, 2018 by Chris Doggett

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As the workforce modernizes over time, so do the habits, personalities, and preferences of its people. The employee of today is markedly different from the employee of 20 years ago, and advancements in the technologies used for work have precipitated a shift in attitudes about how people should relate to their jobs.


Gone are the days of the employee who comes into work, puts their head down, powers through a 9 to 5 day, and then heads home. People have started bringing their personalities, thoughts, and concerns to work, expressing them openly and wanting to be heard. Here are five reasons why this is a good thing.


Teams work harder when they care about each other  


Allowing your employees to express themselves at work will give them a deeper understanding of one another. When employees know each other’s preferences and interests, they’re able to develop personal connections that extend beyond the office. This builds empathy between teammates, ultimately making everyone feel like they have a personal stake in the professional progress of their colleagues.


Open discussion gives your business a creativity boost


The golden rule of brainstorms is that “no idea is a bad idea.” This mantra may seem cheesy, but it is also incredibly important because dismissing coworkers’ ideas can have a chilling effect on creativity. When people feel comfortable being open, they are more likely to suggest great ideas that may seem outside of the box at first. In order to build a culture of creativity, managers must be willing to listen to and celebrate all types of perspectives.


Engaged employees sustain strong company culture


The modern employee places a heavy emphasis on company culture, and that’s a good thing because it has prompted companies to create environments that value respect, fun, and collaboration. But the only way to preserve this type of culture is to empower every employee to own it. By encouraging employees to be themselves, share their ideas, and make changes, you’re entrusting them to create and sustain a positive culture.


Open conversations allow people to practice their soft skills


As more administrative tasks fall into the hands of AI and machine learning tools, soft skills are becoming increasingly valuable. By openly interacting with one another, employees are given the opportunity to practice their people skills, increasing their value as professionals.


Your employees have a pulse on the latest workforce trends


The pace of change is hard to keep up with, so let your employees be your eyes and ears. Whether it be a new type of benefit that is becoming standard, like unlimited vacation or remote work options, or a new technology that can increase employee productivity, chances are that many of your employees are already well-aware.  By empowering people to voice their ideas, companies can keep a better pulse on the changing demands of their industry.


The way work gets done is changing, but we can always count on people having opinions to share. Embracing different ways of thinking and working will not only make your employees feel valued, it will make your company a more attractive place to work.  

Chris Doggett
Chris Doggett

As Chief Sales Officer, Chris is responsible for leading and managing the global sales organization to achieve the company’s bookings and revenue goals. Chris brings more than 15 years of experience in sales and marketing, extensive knowledge of best practices in the development and management of channel partnerships, and strong general management experience.

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