3 Hacks for Becoming a Morning Person

October 09, 2018 by Michael Affronti

Woman sitting cross legged on her bed, looking at her laptop, cheering and pumping her fists

The morning person. We all know them. Always signed in early with a smile on their face, happily working away while the rest of us drag ourselves to our computer screens and wait for the cobwebs to clear out of our heads as we catch up on emails and sip our morning coffee.


If you’re not a morning person yourself, then you’ve certainly wondered how they do it, and maybe even wished you could become one. If you’re looking to learn how to rise with the sun and get a jumpstart on your day, consider these three hacks for becoming a morning person:


Find a Good REM-Rhythm


Chances are you’ve heard of REM Sleep, your deepest slumber where you gain the most restful sleep of your night. What you might not know is that as the night progresses, your body cycles in and out of REM sleep. While waking from REM sleep will leave you feeling groggy and exhausted, getting up from lighter sleep is much easier and less painful. So what does this mean for becoming a morning person? With today’s technology and research, many apps and services have been developed to help you track and plan around your REM cycles. After a few weeks of logging your sleep habits, these apps can tell you when to set your alarm so that when it goes off you aren’t deep in REM, but rather lightly snoozing and ready to wake up.


Take the Natural Approach


We all know there are few things worse than when that beam of light creeps through your shades or curtains and hits you right in your face first thing in the morning. But you can actually harness this phenomenon to help you wake up more easily! Your body is naturally trained to wake up once your eyes sense light coming into a room, even before you’re consciously awake. Instead of drawing those blinds tightly closed, leave them open and let the natural light gradually fill your room. You’ll find that you wake up without even snoozing your alarm, ready to embrace the day.


Save Your Bed for Bedtime


It’s a routine many of us fall into: you crawl into bed at the end of your night, but instead of going right to sleep, you pull out your phone, tablet, or laptop and do a little pre-bedtime browsing. What you don’t realize though, is that looking at the blue light from your screen and thinking about what you’re viewing prompts your body to stay awake, suppressing melatonin and keeping you brain from shifting into rest mode. While we love our devices here at Fuze, we also understand the importance of sleep, and that means putting the screen away when we hop into bed.


If you follow these hacks, you may leave your coworkers wondering your secret to being a morning person.


Michael Affronti
Michael Affronti
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