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3 Ways Cloud-based UC Improves Employee Recruitment, Retention

September 14, 2015 by

For any company to become and remain a leader in its industry, it needs to attract and retain the brightest, most talented, and most ambitious candidates out there. Hiring the best personnel for every position throughout an organization is the only way to maximize performance across the board - any weak links in this regard will be a significant drag on the company.

But recruiting and holding on to the most qualified and promising employees is much easier said than done. To truly thrive in this capacity, business leaders need to take steps that make their organizations appealing, and to make their employees' work lives as smooth and productive as possible.

Cloud-based unified communications solutions can have a major impact in this capacity. By deploying high-quality cloud communication services, firms can improve both their recruitment and retention efforts in several key ways.

1. Millennials Value Flexibility

Flexibility is important to most workers, but this is particularly true when it comes to the millennial generation. Younger personnel, who are now entering the workforce en masse, are far less committed to the traditional 9-to-5 workday of their older counterparts. On the contrary, millennials want, or even demand, the ability to work when and where they want.

To attract the most promising up-and-coming young employees, then, businesses need to embrace the tools that can enable flexible work, and cloud-based UC is perfectly suited to this need. With these solutions, workers can access corporate communication resources via their personal computers or mobile devices, allowing them to remain productive regardless of location or time so long as they have Internet access. By highlighting these resources, and crafting policies that take advantage of their flexibility, business leaders can go a long way toward making their organizations seem appealing to the candidates they are eager to attract.

2. UC Makes Collaboration Simpler

Another key advantage offered by cloud-based UC is that it can make it much easier for workers to collaborate with one another on a regular basis. Consider presence tools, for example. These features ensure that every employee has visibility into his or her coworkers' statuses, availability, and the ideal method to reach them. This can drastically reduce the time spent waiting for a colleague to respond to a voicemail or return to the office.

Additionally, a robust UC solution will feature high-quality video conferencing technology. As a result, personnel will be able to engage with one another face-to-face, even when far away. Not only does this further support flexible work arrangements, but it also provides a channel to partake in more in-depth, personalized collaborative efforts on a recurring basis. This makes employees' work lives more pleasant, productive, and satisfying, which will inevitably have a powerful, positive impact on retention rates.

3. Cloud-based UC Offers Support

Finally, cloud-based UC can help improve employee retention by providing day-to-day support for workers. This is thanks largely to the simple fact that such solutions ensure that personnel are truly connected to one another at all times, meaning help is always available whenever needed. Workers, and especially new workers, are less likely to feel overwhelmed or dispirited by their responsibilities when they can simply and easily reach out to a colleague for assistance.

This ability is further enhanced by the fact that cloud-based UC will provide a wide variety of channel options - from video conferencing to voice to instant messaging and beyond - all available through a single platform on a single device. Employees can choose the ideal medium for their questions and comments, and that empowers new hires to feel more confident when engaging with colleagues throughout the organization.

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