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5 Reasons to Make the Leap to VoIP

June 24, 2014 by

Making an investment in enterprise cloud VoIP may initially seem daunting, but it can greatly enhance ease of interaction with businesses and clients around the world. Here are five reasons to make the move to cloud VoIP:

1. Reliability

What could be more important than a reliable network? While Fuze’s network boasts superior uptime, we realize that any technology, no matter how robust, is subject to malfunctioning. Thankfully, in a world full of backup networks that are able to be switched on in an instant, you don’t have to worry about your network failing—regardless of location. Your VoIP cloud provider ensures that your communications systems are consistently reliable so that your business is covered. 

2. Cost

One might assume that cloud VoIP providers and a cloud based phone system may incur additional costs when compared to traditional analog phone solutions and on-premises equipment. After all, it would make sense that more recently built devices would demand a higher price. In reality, several types of cost savings can be realized by switching to cloud-based VoIP. According to an article in Gadget Magazine, VoIP phone service providers for business bill by the second, rather than by the minute, which means an average 25% savings for many customers. Additionally, users with these VoIP phones do not need to pay a connection charge, long known as a staple of analog phone charges.

3. Quality

Whether you’re talking to someone halfway around the block or halfway around the world, VoIP will deliver crystal-clear, high definition quality. With a globally redundant network, you can be sure that you’ll be heard—loud and clear.

4. Equipment Savings

With an analog phone system comes an extensive amount of hardware and equipment. Cables and other devices fill offices, causing unnecessary clutter for maintenance and installation. This can be greatly reduced with the installation of a cloud VoIP service. Given that the internet is the foundation of VoIP communications, there is little installation cost beyond the cost of your Internet service. Furthermore, moving devices around becomes much easier, as the network isn’t totally reliant on hardware.

5. Ease of Expansion

Analog systems are hard to grow. With every new phone, hardware and installation costs plague expansion. Thankfully, this isn’t the reality with cloud VoIP for business. With the possibility of expansion hinging on the acquisition of new licensing—rather than re-wiring and re-configuring entire networks—the cost of growing a network is minuscule in comparison. There's absolutely no question that if you're looking to scale your global business, you should turn to a cloud based VoIP phone system. 

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