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5 Tips to Launching Fuze at Your Organization

September 03, 2014 by

5 Tips To Launching Fuze at Your Organization

The University of California Office of the President (UCOP) officially launched Fuze to their entire organization of 1,600 employees last month.

The events surrounding the launch of Fuze at UCOP ran over a week; an introduction at the UCPath All Hands on Monday, a booth at the Information Technology Services (ITS) TechFest on Tuesday, and open training sessions with Fuze’s lead trainer, Moxxy Schoeffler, over three days, via Fuze itself.

Changing a fundamental communication tool on such a large scale requires deliberate planning. In the months leading up to launch, the University’s ITS team worked closely with their Fuze Customer Success Manager, Lizzy Wilmarth, to ensure a successful migration.

Here the ITS team shares their learnings for launching Fuze at your company:

Top tips for launching Fuze at your company

1. Let people know why

For UCOP, one of the biggest opportunities provided by Fuze was cost savings. By taking advantage of Fuze’s VoIP, as opposed to legacy conferencing systems, the potential for cost savings are in the hundreds of thousands of dollars. The launch explained not only how to use Fuze but how Fuze fits with the directives from President Napalitano to meet their own higher efficiency challenge.

Here's an excerpt from their weekly e-newsletter, the central communication resource for the UCOP community:

Fuze launch at UCOP

By communicating how employees are reducing travel costs and increasing savings by using Fuze’s VoIP at the outset of launch, all employees understand the choice in technology and why it matches their individual professional goals.

2. Get your IT team on board first

When you are in charge of supporting your employees, it’s critical you know how to use the technology, and use it really well. Be the experts.

Terrell, ITS Service Desk Supervisor from the UCOP support team explains:

“Identify whoever is going to be supporting Fuze, from tech support staff to managers in charge of roll out, and make sure they know it back-to-front. Beyond the basics, this is your team who is going to be handing out best practices, understanding your employees and saying ‘try this, you need it’. We are now at a point with our team where we have deep knowledge, from the best headsets to how to enter a meeting from an iPad. We’ve learned a lot through our own installations and support from the Fuze team. It’s so important to get your team to really live in Fuze for a couple of months.”

UCOP’s IT team constantly experiments with different scenarios, installing screens and loaning web cameras to different teams, like labor relations. Setting up teams technically, and providing a quick overview to kickstart their Fuze meeting has really improved their success.

3. Encourage your employees to “break” Fuze!

Introducing new technology doesn’t just mean downloading software. You (and your employees) have to really use it to be comfortable with a new way of working. After you try Fuze the first time it becomes a lot less daunting, but giving it that first go is critical to getting people across the initial mindset barrier that new = difficult.

“Familiarize. Connect. Save. That’s my Fuze mantra. Familiarize is the biggest thing. I tell everyone, if you are afraid of something new and different, just use it,” Monda added.

Terrell elaborated, “there’s this fear factor with new technology about messing things up. People are hesitant to use buttons. It’s okay to play with new tools. Open it up and do a quick test, play can’t really break anything.”

4. Build awareness by having fun

Often company emails go unnoticed, so add attention to the deployment by experimenting in the physical office space, or planning launch events such as they did this past week.

As Monda explains, “we are always doing something fun and different. We have a wall of all the sayings you hear around the office. Our new Fuze wall was actually from a proponent who was kind of negative before he tried Fuze and quickly became a convert. Don’t knock it till you try it, I say!”

The wall of sticky notes is aimed to increase awareness and build adoption of Fuze in a lighthearted way.

“Increasing user adoption isn’t just about a presentation. I went around the office to people I hadn’t met and said ‘Are you Fuzing?’. We want to make everybody aware. I had one girl that immediately came up to me and needed help. By being there, you can help people get started easily,” Monda said.

5. Let onboarding know about Fuze.

Finally, if you are introducing any new tools it’s important you let the HR team or whoever is in charge of onboarding know. As new people join the organization it’s great to be able to get them Fuzing as soon as possible. Make sure there is Fuze training included in their first week so their meetings are productive as soon as possible.

If you'd like to know more about getting started with Fuze, visit our Get Started pages.

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