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Making the Most of Memorable Moments as Graduates Near and Far Walk the Stage

Technology can help erase the miles between grads and their support systems, bringing loved ones closer to the big event than ever before Stories told by loved ones have power unto themselves, but no recolle ...

May 26, 2016

Be Seen, Be Heard: The Importance of Video Collaboration in Today’s Workforce

As humans, we gravitate toward visual experiences. We’re naturally drawn toward patterns, objects, and faces. These patterns, when combined with our auditory senses, enrich the way we learn about the enviro ...

February 25, 2016

6 Ways to Make Your Employees Happier in 2016

How much would your employees and colleagues be willing to compromise for a more flexible work experience? Modern technology and society say you won’t have to sacrifice a thing. What once were considered per ...

January 14, 2016

Seven Weekly Stats: The Best of 2015

As 2015 comes to a close, we're taking a look back on some of the most interesting, impressive, and surprising stats we've come across this year related to unified communications. With the global UCaaS market c ...

December 30, 2015

Seven Weekly Stats: The Benefits of Better Video Conferencing

Video conferencing has been around for decades, helping companies conduct business more effectively and efficiently. It's no surprise that today's leading video collaboration solutions have advanced to integrat ...

December 01, 2015

Your Fuze Notes Experience Just Got Better

There are 25 million meetings per day in the U.S. That’s a whole lotta meetings! And we all know what goes hand in hand with meetings: notes. Raise your hand if you have a hard time keeping track of all the not ...

August 13, 2015

Meet and Repeat: Scheduling Recurring Meetings in Fuze

Fuze was designed to be flexible for the way you work. For most teams, each work day is completely different with new challenges and priorities. You might need an Instant Meeting for a brief project check-in on ...

August 03, 2015

Fuze On the Fly: The Power of Fuze Instant Invites

We believe Fuze should work the way you do -- flexibly and collaboratively across all devices, on-the-go, and -- just as important -- on-the-fly. The truth is, not every important discussion or decision happens ...

June 09, 2015

Seven Weekly Stats: The Role of Unified Communications in Recruitment

It's obvious that recruiters spend a lot of time utilizing communications platforms. After all, they're responsible for sourcing, reaching out to candidates, scheduling interviews, conducting phone screens...th ...

May 05, 2015

7 reasons people choose Fuze over Skype for getting work done

There is ongoing discussion about the use of consumer tools in the workplace. One of the most widely used tools (besides Dropbox) is Skype. We are often asked how Fuze differs from Skype, so we put down a few c ...

March 17, 2015

Seven Weekly Stats: How Unified Communications Can Help Combat Workplace Illness

“If you’re too sick to go to school, you’re too sick to watch TV, so you can spend the day in bed.” Needless to say, this common refrain from my parents meant that I was rarely absent from school. Fast forwar ...

January 20, 2015

Coming in 2016: Video Conferencing Supremacy

Video conferencing is poised to become dominant among businesses by 2016. 

September 25, 2014

Choosing the right hardware for your meeting room

With the new Fuze for Rooms, setting up a room is finally as easy as it should be. You can pick any combination of hardware that supports HD video and works with standard web conferencing software. At Fuze we ...

September 18, 2014

TCP vs UDP: The benefits of unreliability

by Nate Lee, Director, Technical Operations Following our previous post on optimizing networks for real-time media, a number of people were curious about the section on UDP vs TCP, particularly how they were r ...

August 26, 2014

Keeping it Real Time - Optimize Your Network for Video

by Nate Lee, Director, Technical Operations More workplaces are discovering the benefits of collaboration without regard for physical location as IP-based voice and video conferencing fast become the choice fo ...

July 31, 2014

10 Ways to Improve Your Video Calls

10 Ways to Improve Your Video Calls As individual consumers, we want products to just work - no heavy lifting required. Why should the workplace be any different? Why should we dread the conference call? We sho ...

July 30, 2014

Video Conferencing: A Personal Touch From Far Away

With video conferencing, companies can deliver a personal touch to their clients, even from far away.

July 28, 2014

Fuze Honored by Webby Awards

Our professional and personal lives have become blended together and the ability to work from anywhere, anytime is possible, in part, because of our favorite apps, services and devices. With the incredible volu ...

May 14, 2014