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My First Month As A Fuze Intern

July 13, 2017 by Starr Coughlin

As a rising senior at Bentley University, this summer is a chance to gain perspective and insight into the business world. For me, an internship means more than just developing my professional skills, but it also allows for me to explore different areas within an organization that I otherwise would not necessarily be exposed to. For example, during my first week, the other five interns and I were able to meet with Director of Product, Alex DiNunzio. Prior to this meeting, I was not very familiar with the exact role a product team played within a B2B software company. However, upon leaving I felt as though I had gained a new appreciation for a department that before I had limited knowledge about. We also have lunch and learns scheduled with members of the executive team peppered throughout the summer. So far, we’ve met with CFO Brian Day and co-founder Steve Kokinos, and had the chance to ask questions in a comfortable and casual setting. Not only are we able to understand their roles within Fuze, but also learn about how they advanced to their current positions and hear insightful advice.

One of the most rewarding parts of my internship thus far has been the opportunity to dive headfirst into projects. For example, for the last several weeks, one of my main assignments has been to broadcast content on LinkedIn through Elevate. Elevate is one of LinkedIn’s featured tools that allows admins to broadcast relevant content to their co-workers to share so that they can ultimately better engage their network. Not only have I learned more about the UCaaS and tech industry in general by searching for content to share, but I have been able to see actual analytics on how my posts have impacted engagement for Fuze employees who utilize the tool.

A primary takeaway that I have gotten through my experience so far at Fuze is how impactful a company’s culture can be on performance. Here at Fuze, there is an established “work from anywhere” policy. I have seen first-hand how effective remote collaboration can be as I sit in on meetings with people who are dispersed around the globe. Culture plays a role here as it is widely accepted amongst Fuze employees for team members to be working either from home, a coffee shop, or even an airport for instance. Fuze employees can be just as productive virtually, which I believe is a key component to Fuze’s overall success. As a community, I have found that employees are both accepting and sociable. This past Thursday, there was an office party to celebrate the end of the employee referral contest, which was a great opportunity for me to meet other employees at Fuze outside of the marketing department and expand my network.

Throughout my four weeks at Fuze, I have already been able to learn things about organizational structure, working styles, and company culture that I plan on taking with me as I prepare for my senior year. I am looking forward to the second half of my internship and working with my team on future projects.

Starr Coughlin
Starr Coughlin

Starr Coughlin, Content Marketing Summer Intern, is a rising senior at Bentley University in Waltham, MA. She is a double major in Information Design & Corporate Communications and Earth, Environment, and Global Sustainability with a minor in Computer Information Systems.

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