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A History of Communication

November 04, 2015 by

Dating back to prehistoric smoke signals, the ways in which we choose to connect, engage, and interact with one other have been nothing short of remarkable. The last four decades alone have witnessed amazing progress, from the advent of the mobile phone in the early 1970s to intelligent cloud-based video conferencing solutions developed in the past five years. To honor this evolution, ThinkingPhones decided to reflect on how far we’ve come by visually chronicling communications milestones.


Phone, video, cloud business communication evolution

First up? The Visual Era, when a smoke signal served as the primary means for delivering news. Fast forward to the year 1450 with the pigeon post and the creation of the printing press, expanding the reach of the written word. The telegraph in 1838 and the telephone in 1876 championed the Wired Age, eventually paving the way for the first videophone, pager, and fax machine.

The Wireless Era dawned with the creation of the first handheld mobile phone in 1973, launching telecommunications into our current IP Cloud Era. The rise of mobility, instant messaging, and the advent of the smartphone have altered the personal and enterprise landscapes in ways that seemed unimaginable just thirty years ago. Anytime, anywhere communication via voice, message, or video demonstrates just how far we’ve advanced and puts a spotlight on the potential to develop even more sophisticated tools to seamlessly unite people.

Whereas communication tools were at one time simple devices used to transfer information, we are now living in the Era of Intelligence. Sophisticated private and public data sources can be applied to tools to improve business performance, enhance productivity, and nurture more impactful engagements. In this age of contextual intelligence, we will witness communications tools growing smarter, providing more seamless integration at the enterprise level, and giving individuals real-time information that can help them make more informed decisions. The sky – or the cloud – is truly the limit.

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