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Application Integration Represents Real Cloud Value

July 31, 2013 by

Our customers find significant value in our ability to marry our adaptive platform with their business applications. Applications that run the gamut from off-the-shelf software we are all familiar with – think popular CRM packages like and Microsoft Dynamics – to industry or even company-specific technologies and capabilities.

Part of the promise – and part of the value – of cloud communications lies in its ability to integrate a range of these business applications, thereby removing the historical islands of technology that have made workplace communications and collaboration less than optimal.

In the next few weeks, we will look at some of the most common applications our ThinkingSuite cloud platform integrates with. We will also touch on specific projects we have completed which may have a bearing on what your organization is trying to accomplish with its own applications.

First up? Microsoft Outlook Integration.

Want to be able to click on an Outlook contact and have the number dialed on your phone? You can.

One of our most asked-about features is our Microsoft Outlook integration plug-in.  The plug-in gives Office 2010 users click-to-call functionality from Outlook and built-in presence notifications when sending emails to office colleagues.

Outlook click-to-call can be activated by either right clicking on a contact or by utilizing the “call” or “address book” buttons located in the ribbon.  The “address book” has the ability to utilize GAL (Global Address Lookup).

Because there is no need to input the called party’s number into your phone, you save time!

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