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How to Build a Remote Work Culture

It’s becoming increasingly clear that if employers want to remain competitive in the hiring landscape, they will need to incorporate remote work into their business model. For example, 79% of respondents in our ...

January 16, 2019

Cloud Communications 2021: 3 Key Predictions

When I think about where cloud communications will be in three years, I sometimes like looking back at older predictions. In 2011, AT&T’s CTO told Mobile World Congress that storing all of your data in the ...

November 08, 2018

3 Hacks for Becoming a Morning Person

The morning person. We all know them. Always signed in early with a smile on their face, happily working away while the rest of us drag ourselves to our computer screens and wait for the cobwebs to clear out of ...

October 09, 2018

Remote Control: Best Practices for Training an Anywhere Team

Training new employees takes time, communication, and a lot of patience. Add in the remote aspect and it’s a whole new level of difficulty. With nearly 50% of the population working remotely at least part of th ...

September 12, 2018

The Bureau of Labor Got the Gig Economy Wrong

In 2005, before the proliferation of the smart phone, laptop computer, and other now-fixtures of the mobile work experience, the United States Bureau of Labor Statistics released its last report on Contingent a ...

June 12, 2018

A New Age of “Power to the People”

In many ways, the integration of mobile into the workplace marked the end of the traditional, centralized office structure. Prior to the mobile era, all the tools needed for productivity lived in a fixed locati ...

May 01, 2018

The Future of Work: Do Employees Need a Right to Disconnect?

Last month, New York City Councilman Rafael Espinal introduced a bill that would make it illegal for an employer with more than 10 workers to require employees to access work-related communication outside of no ...

April 19, 2018

Celebrating #WFHWeek: Powering Remote Work with the Right Tech

October 9th kicks off National Work from Home (WFH) week, and to help celebrate, Fuze will be sharing a series of blogs throughout the week to offer advice and best practices to companies and employees alike on ...

October 13, 2017

Creating a Remote Work Culture | BostInno WorkXPlay Event Recap

In my last post on the remote work trend, I discussed how companies can harness the power of unified communications technology to empower employee productivity and efficiency when working outside the office. Wh ...

June 29, 2017

Swing into Summer: Flexibility is the Future of Work, Regardless of Season

With more tools available to professionals today, it can be hard to imagine a world without flexible working options. Smartphones have provided employees with an entire suite of unified communications module ...

June 27, 2017

With Remote Work Here to Stay, Companies Need Unified Communications

Recently, a few high-profile companies return to the traditional headquarters. Companies such as IBM and Yahoo have rolled back remote work policies, noting they saw negative impacts to prod ...

June 13, 2017

Controlling the Sprawl – It’s All About Engagement

According to a recent report from App Annie, the app economy’s future is bright. Worldwide gross consumer spend is forecast to surpass $139B in 2021. With these major gains anticipated over the next four years ...

April 18, 2017

Making it Stick: Building UC Adoption Programs That Work

UC adoption is a common challenge facing the industry today. Without adoption, companies hold back the chance for UC to bring about real innovation for their work environments simply because they can’t give it ...

March 24, 2017

The Enterprise Gets Serious about Connecting its Workforce

Workplace by Facebook is out of its pilot phase and looking to scale, eyeing large corporations to connect thousands of employees to one another as an extension of the experience they know all too well in their ...

November 17, 2016

What do Tesla and Fuze Have in Common? A Look at Disruption in the Communications and Automotive Industries

With user experience at the center of decision making, companies reimagine what’s possible It’s tough to deny the appeal of the Tesla brand, whether as a technology lover like me or simply because of the nam ...

October 25, 2016

Reimagining Meetings with Improved UX: What’s Possible as Communication Tools Evolve

Meetings have fallen out of favor for workers today. “Another meeting?” you think to yourself. Insert groan or eye roll. What’s more, 67 percent of meetings today are considered unproductive. That’s alarm ...

October 13, 2016

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