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Ba Da Ba Ba Ba, We're Lovin' It: Unified Communications Improving Fast Food Service

May 08, 2015 by

The main appeal of fast food is getting a meal immediately - or at least in less than 30 minutes. When it takes longer than that, restaurants start to lose clientele, whether they're in the store or at their houses. Quick and efficient customer service drives business to eateries, and unified communications can keep those diners returning.

Pick Up or Delivery

The food isn't the only thing that brings business to pizza joints. Many of these restaurants offer take-out services, both through delivery or customer pick-up. However, those orders have to come from somewhere, and mostly likely, it's over the phone as opposed to in-person. Depending on the time and day of the week, business can be hectic, so reliable technology is of the utmost importance.

The MAR Pizza Group, a franchisee of Domino's, switched to UC solutions to field the number of incoming calls and provide premium customer service, No Jitter explained. Using IP telephony, store employees can efficiently answer calls and either put them on hold or immediately take the consumers' orders. A computer system connected to VoIP monitors incoming calls and alerts employees if people have been on hold too long or if there are customers who have specific language needs.

"It's like an in-store coach, keeping customer service reps answering the phones and giving managers one less thing to do," Robert Scheiper, co-owner and CIO of MAR Pizza, told the source.

Some locations also offer online portals that allow customers to order right on the Web. The site provides users with the same amount of service that they would receive over the phone or in the store while showing them exactly what stage their food is in - from making to out for delivery.

Business Analytics Improving Service

The MAR Pizza Group's UC solutions are all cloud-based, which permits management from each of its 70 stores to access data analytics for any location. The system provides real-time data for call responsiveness that enables employees to see how they can adjust to improve their customer service, Technology Marketing Corp. explained. UC also provides management with audio conferencing to allow them to communicate between locations.

Since the implementation of the new UC software, MAR Pizza has seen an increase in revenue, a larger call capacity, and loss prevention since business is shared between stores. For the seven restaurants that use UC, there has been a 10 to 12 percent increase in call volume compared to the stores with the old legacy system, according to No Jitter. If one store is inundated with orders, the cloud service can transfer calls to a nearby restaurant in the franchise to ensure that MAR Pizza isn't losing customers.

With UC solutions in place, MAR Pizza can improve store performance and efficiency while also increasing the number of customers being helped. And with data visualization for both call logs and day-to-day operations, the franchise has been able to reach a wider audience.


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