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Back to Basics: 5 Core Unified Communications Tools to Streamline Your Business

June 18, 2015 by

For a company to be successful, it requires an efficient way to keep employees in contact with one another and with consumers. You don't want technology to interfere with the way you do business. Unified communications offers businesses the tools they need to simplify exchanges and improve customer service.

1. Monitor/Whisper/Barge

Your business is only as good as its customer service and sales teams. If they aren't participating in valuable conversations with current and potential clients, they won't bring in any new people. Luckily, as part of UC solutions, you'll have access to monitoring, whispering, and barging features, Entrepreneur explained. You can listen into calls without anyone knowing with the monitoring tool, offer tips to your worker without the consumer hearing with whisper, and become part of the conversation with barge. With these features, you'll always know your employees are doing their best and can intervene if necessary.

2. Workforce Analytics

Ever wonder how well your employees are doing on making or taking calls and turning those conversations into sales? Now you can with UC's business intelligence platform. You'll receive real-time and on-demand reports with call analytics, according to the source. Your company has goals that need to be met and BI ensures they are. The software collects big data from various sources and compiles it into analytical reports that detail successes, bottlenecks, and inefficiencies. You can then fix any areas that need improvement.

3. Contextual Intelligence

Caller ID is a great tool for businesses, but imagine if you could know more about a person than just a name and number. With tools like Contactive, you have the ability to create personalized phonebooks that fit your needs. You can combine those directories with your BI software. The program collects information about that client from a variety of sources, including social media, calendars, past call logs, and email. As soon as your phone rings, you'll know who's calling, as well as any data that could prove beneficial.

4. Cloud-based Contact Center Solutions

The switchboard allows managers to ensure their business is running smoothly. If your company receive a high volume of calls, you don't want any lines to go unanswered. The cloud-based contact center platform gives managers the chance to assign calls to employees, according to Entrepreneur. Using the presence feature, they can see who's available, who's already on the phone, and who is away from their desks. Managers then place calls in queues for the free workers. The system also allows call recording, which can be used for reviews and training.

5. Mobility

There are few things worse than calling a business or a person and then the phone just keeps ringing. UC ensures every call gets answered. With mobile convergence, employees talk with consumers even when they aren't in the office. They can even switch devices when they need to move without interrupting the conversation, Talk Business magazine reported. Workers can be on the go without disrupting business by using any device to access calls, files, and email.

Don't let technology get in the way of running your business. By switching to UC, you'll be able to avoid any obstacles and downfalls that separate communications systems may bring about.

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