He's the Dark Knight. The Caped Crusader. The World's Greatest Detective.

But is Batman a fan of unified communications as a service? You bet.

DND: Stalking Gotham's Scum

The scene: Batman crouches on a rafter in an abandoned factory. He's hidden in the shadows, an invisible force waiting for the right moment to strike.

Below, a gathering of criminal kingpins. The Penguin is there, and Two-Face and Black Mask, along with a dozen goons each. They are discussing how they're going to divvy up the city, now that Bane's no longer in the picture. They're on their guard now, wary, but Batman knows that before long they'll relax, overconfident, and that's when he'll swoop down with a vengeance.

Elsewhere, Dick Grayson, a.k.a. Robin, is taking an off-night and wants to know where Bruce left the remote control. He's about to call the man himself when he notices Bruce's presence status in Wayne Industries' UC system: "In a meeting. Do not disturb."

Dick knows what that means. He decides to read a book instead. In the rafters, Batman's phone does not ring.

The next day's edition of the Gotham Gazette reads: "Would-be kingpins no match for Dark Knight."

A Voice in the Dark

The Joker's flying down the highway in a stolen cop car, and Batman's in pursuit.

He's fallen behind, though, and lost sight of the Clown Prince of Crime. Making matters worse, his helmet's phone system is on the fritz, courtesy of a few well-placed swings of the Joker's crowbar. Fortunately, the Batmobile's got its own phone system. Oracle's on the line, and she's got a satellite lock on the villain.

Batman drives, following Oracle's directions. He's gaining. Then, an alarm sounds - the Joker's planted a bomb in the Batmobile! The Dark Knight ejects, taking the Batcycle with him. And thanks to his UCaaS system, he easily transfers Oracle's call to his Batcycle's phone system. The pursuit continues. Changing devices hardly slows him down at all.

The World's Greatest Detective (But Analytics Help)

Batman knows the Riddler is somewhere in Gotham. He's just not sure where.

Time is a factor. The Riddler's already robbed two banks and an art museum. Batman knows he will strike again soon. He needs to find the criminal first.

The problem is, there seems to be no pattern. In the past, it was always clear what the Riddler was doing, when, and why. Batman could see at a glance what his adversary was planning, and he could put an end to the crime spree before it ever really got going. But not this time. Now, the Riddler's operations seem to have gotten much more complicated. He has more employees than ever before, and they all seem to operate virtually independently.

But Batman has an ace up his sleeve: UC analytics. He gains access to the Riddler's UC system and starts analyzing his goons' workforce performance. It turns out, the pattern was there all along. It just took some advanced business intelligence to detect it.

With UC tools, Batman is a more efficient, more effective crime fighter. And Gotham City is all the better for it.

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