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Become the Good Kind of Monday Morning Quarterback with Unified Communications Analytics

November 17, 2014 by

Nobody likes a Monday Morning Quarterback. It's one thing to offer your own thoughts on Tom Brady's play selection in the final two minutes of yesterday's game. It's another to actually believe you could have done better yourself if given the opportunity. The former's a natural part of being a fan. The latter's just pretentious. And no one likes that.

Of course, there are a few exceptions, with the most notable being professional analysts. These folks can get away with such behavior because they actually know what they're talking about. You can be sure that when ESPN personalities analyze last week's games, Brady and all the other QBs pay attention.

A similar rule applies to the realm of business. Feedback on company performance is fine, so long as you're offering legitimate criticism. If you're just vaguely theorizing without any evidence, though, this Monday Morning Quarterbacking will not be so well received.

That's why UC analytics can be so important.

Unified Communications Improvements

It's easy to see that UC solutions have experienced tremendous popularity gains in recent years. Firms that may have looked sideways at the technology not all that long ago are now fully on board, and reaping the rewards as a result. With UC solutions in place, businesses can see their efficiency and productivity go up and their costs go down.

The thing is, these benefits tend to vary from one company to the next. While many organizations are ecstatic with the ROI they've seen from their UC efforts, others have experienced more lukewarm results. Maybe communication expenses didn't drop as much as had been hoped. Maybe employees are spending more time on the phone than anticipated.

If that happens, there's bound to be some excuse-making. That's natural enough. But if a manager or other employee starts to criticize the company's UC deployment with the benefit of hindsight and without any real data to support his or her claims - well, we're back to the Monday Morning Quarterbacking that no one wants to hear.

The Data to Prove It

That's not the case, though, when UC analytics are in play. These tools can open up the company's UC experience, revealing who uses which components of the platform, how frequently they're used, and much more.

By looking at UC consumption reports at this level, a business leader can actually see the reasons why the UC investment hasn't panned out as expected. Now, that leader's criticism is not only valid, but actually verifiable. Everyone throughout the company will need to pay attention to these findings, and take the proper action to rectify the situation.

If you're going to criticize performance, you need to have the facts on your side. UC analytics provides them.

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