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BYOD: Not If, But When and How

February 24, 2014 by

On a daily basis, we work with our enterprise customers to develop and execute strategic bring your own device (BYOD) plans to their competitive advantage. For years, we've known that BYOD can be directly linked to increased profits and a happier workforce. Earlier this month, Forbes reinforced this position with an article by Howard Baldwin entitled "It's Not Whether To BYOD or Not to BYOD, It's How To." In it, Baldwin discusses the need for the modern CIO to balance "productivity, affordability, and security to meet current and future workforce demands."

Although companies are reporting major BYOD benefits across the board, many are still playing catch-up with the technology. According to an article on last year, in a recent survey "about 70 percent of respondents said they had changed at least one business process in support of emerging mobile tech. But only 20 percent reported changing four or more business processes. Considering the potential disruption of smartphones and tablets, that number should arguably be higher."

Baldwin notes the importance of thinking outside the box and pushing past obstacles when looking for a BYOD solution and again when implementing it. As its capability has progressed, BYOD has become a complete game-changer, providing unprecedented flexibility and balancing personal needs with business requirements. As Baldwin says, "It’s much more than just an overly used acronym – it actually changes people’s lives.

Our own mobile solution, ThinkingMobile, acts as a catalyst to assist enterprises in leveraging and enhancing BYOD value by extending our cloud-based ecosystem to mobile workforces. ThinkingMobile is a Fixed Mobile Convergence (FMC) solution that allows mobile users to access ThinkingSuite enterprise applications from anywhere, on any device.

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