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Celebrating #WFHWeek: Powering Remote Work with the Right Tech

October 13, 2017 by Michael Affronti

October 9th kicks off National Work from Home (WFH) week, and to help celebrate, Fuze will be sharing a series of blogs throughout the week to offer advice and best practices to companies and employees alike on making remote work, “work,” and enabling employees to work from everywhere.


This week, we have shared reasons to embrace remote work, as well as tips and lessons learned to engage employees when they are working outside of the office, but there’s one critical factor still left to discuss. When setting remote employees up for success, you need to ensure they have the right technology. In today’s app economy, there are countless solutions available to help workers stay in communication and easily collaborate with their teams. As I discussed in a previous post, while people –  especially the app generation – have become used to this application sprawl, in the enterprise setting having a half-dozen solutions or more being used by different teams or individuals can cause an utter nightmare for IT.


Whether it’s the sales department turning to one solution to answer its video conferencing needs, while finance downloads a free trial of another app to ease document sharing, this scattered approach to communications can create confusion, harm productivity, and pose a significant risk from a security and system management perspective. In fact, according to our recent Breaking Barriers 2020 report, even when it comes to approved IT solutions, most companies have a minimum of four apps to manage communications – whether be it voice, video, messaging, or document sharing.


This is where having the right technology is critical. On average, it takes 11 minutes to start a one-hour meeting – from application confusion to technology malfunctions, efficiency can be impacted if employees are struggling with sub-par technology. A unified approach to communications can resolve these issues by providing a consistent, holistic experience for employees, and allow them to easily “channel hop” within a single platform.


As remote work continues to gain steam, having the right platform is an important factor for companies looking to realize success. Organizations who take a unified approach to communications will emerge a step ahead in fostering collaboration and productivity from employees, regardless of their location or work style.


Learn more about a unified approach to communications here.


Do you have technology tips that help you succeed when working remotely? Share with us on Twitter at @Fuze and using the hashtag #WFHWeek.  

Michael Affronti
Michael Affronti
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