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Changing of the Guard: 4 Situations That Demand a Cloud UCaaS Solution

September 17, 2014 by

Humans are creatures of habit. Most of us wake up at a standard time, eat certain foods, and live our days in a relatively routine way. This practice of sticking with established tendencies often persists when we evaluate business communications options. Outdated legacy systems continue to be used due to our fear of change.

But the reality is, as the world continues to change, so will our business needs. Features like instant messaging, analytics, conferencing, and presence are no longer luxuries—they are absolutely necessary for any prosperous, innovative business. Below are four situations that signify your business is ready to move to the cloud.

1. You have multiple locations—perhaps even internationally

When a business has a singular phone and one physical site, there is no need to ensure harmony. But communications systems for global companies can run into many roadblocks, particularly in relation to the design of infrastructure, compliance with local security practices and regulation, and redundancy. Rather than having disparate systems running in multiple countries, it is much easier to base your needs from the cloud—highly redundant, easy to use, and capable of myriad functions.

2. You’re undergoing rapid expansion—and that means more equipment

While the general consensus is that growth is never a bad thing in business, the reality is that an increase in the number of offices can present a company with some unique obstacles. As previously mentioned, different places have varying regulations, which can create a conundrum when expanding. Instead of using systems that are concrete and rigid, it is integral that you have a system that is scalable and can grow as your business grows. With cloud-based systems, there’s no need to rip out old phones for one new addition, nor is there a need to leave new employees without communications until it is practical to add equipment.

3. You have a workforce that isn’t limited by the confines of the office

It used to be that the average American only “worked” while he or she was in a physical office. My, how things have changed. Not only are we working different hours, but the settings in which we carry out our jobs have changed dramatically. Indeed, for almost every one of us in the office, there’s a counterpart who works at home at least part of the time, and still more people who carry out their jobs on the road. Given that “desk phones” are often used from places other than one’s desk, it is imperative that certain ease-of-use factors, such as instant messaging, four-digit dialing, and three-way conferencing, are accessible regardless of location. The cloud ensures that this is reality.

4. You want an all around, robust communications system

Coaxial-based phones, even if they have four-digit dialing, are a thing of the past. Your workforce can’t afford to be limited by your communication infrastructure—and your communication infrastructure shouldn’t be limited by an unnecessarily arduous or expensive expansion process. Thankfully, cloud-based systems are scalable to your business’ needs, able to host a large amount of bandwith, and fully capable of hosting multiple functions.

Additionally, because the cloud makes it easy to grow as your business grows, there is no organization “too small” or “too big” for the cloud; a local law firm with five individuals can find an affordable solution from a cloud provider just as easily as a multinational corporation with 5,000 employees. The cloud ensures ease of use, affordability, and scalability. And, with the advancement of technology, those three positive characteristics will only become more paramount.


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