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Cloud-Based Contact Centers Offer Major Advantages

February 27, 2015 by

The contact center plays a critical role in most enterprises' customer service efforts. In order to drive up customer satisfaction rates and improve brand reputation, company leaders should focus first and foremost on this area. More specifically, decision-makers should look for cloud-based contact center solutions if they want to optimize performance. Cloud services offer a number of advantages that on-premises alternatives simply cannot match.

1. Speed

One of the biggest benefits that cloud-based solutions have to offer for companies' contact centers is their tremendous speed of deployment. Like all cloud services, these solutions do not require much or, in many cases, any on-site installation - all of the hardware remains with the vendor. This means that a company can identify a specific contact center tool it wants to deploy and have the solution up and running within a matter of days, or even hours. This low time-to-deployment is especially important for businesses that have allowed their contact center capabilities to fall behind industry standards, as they can catch up too their competitors in virtually no time at all.

2. Flexibility

A related but distinct benefit that cloud-based contact center solutions offer is hugely improved business flexibility. In fact, this is the single most powerful driver of cloud contact center adoption, industry expert Merijn te Booij recently told Loyalty360.

"Competitive differentiation is at stake. Revenue and customer loyalty are on the line. Companies need to deal with these pressures quickly and under constantly changing conditions. Cloud solutions enable them to do that," te Booij explained, the news source reported.

When using cloud services, business leaders can add or subtract channels to their contact centers easily, adjusting their deployments to accommodate evolving company needs. Additionally, cloud solutions offer contact center managers the flexibility needed to add or remove users quickly and easily, making company expansion and growth much smoother than would be possible when relying on on-premises tools.

3. Cost Efficiency

It is impossible to talk about the cloud's benefits without discussing the cost-efficiency advantages that these solutions can bring. With cloud-based contact centers, businesses only need to pay for the services they need, and only as much of each as is actually used. This eliminates the common problem of over-investing in resources that ultimately are not utilized sufficiently to justify the expense. At the same time, companies don't need to worry about under-investing, only to find they need to upgrade their offerings again in the near future.

Finally, the cloud transfers all maintenance costs to the vendor. This can quickly translate into tremendous savings, all while improving the contact center's capabilities.

With all of these advantages, the case in favor of cloud contact center adoption is clear, and it is almost certain that more firms will follow suit in the coming months.

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