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Cloud PBX, Unified Communications Markets Poised For Huge Growth

September 29, 2014 by

Cloud-based unified communications and cloud PBX systems are already fairly commonplace. And they’re about to become a whole lot more popular.

Infonetics Research recently released its latest Business Cloud VoIP and UC Services report, offering insight into the project growth of the cloud-base communications market. Based on the results, it seems pretty clear  this technology is no longer on the cutting edge – it’s in the mainstream.

Cloud Communications Rising

Infonetics Research found  hosted PBX and UC services are poised to see 13 percent market growth through 2014. In every major geographic area, companies are flocking to these tools, eager to enjoy all of the quality and cost benefits associated with the cloud.

Furthermore, the market is showing no signs of slowing. By 2018, Infonetics Research projects  the cloud PBX and UC market will reach a total value of at least $12 billion. By that time, more than 62 million seats will be in service worldwide.

One of the most significant report findings is the fact that these solutions are appealing to organizations of all sizes. Small, medium, and large enterprises are all eagerly adopting hosted VoIP services. However, larger companies remain the biggest drivers in this market, with more major firms looking at hosted communication options.

“While sales of premises-based PBX systems have been stagnant to declining over the past few years, the market for cloud services continues to expand with businesses worldwide seeking out hosted alternatives,” said Diane Myers, principal analyst for VoIP, UC, and IMS at Infonetics Research.

Hosted Advantages

While the rate of cloud PBX and UC growth may be surprising, the overall trend is not. These solutions offer serious benefits to just about any interested organization. With these services in place, a firm can connect its employees’ desktop handsets, speaker phones, softphones, and videophones, improving functionality and ease of use without the slightest degradation to quality.

For a lot of companies, such capabilities are invaluable, and becoming increasingly important. Mobility is no longer an option – it’s a requirement. Workers can’t perform their job functions to the best of their abilities if they are tied to a single desk all the time. They need to have the ability to move around, to work from home, the road, the airport, and beyond. A cloud-based unified communication solution makes this arrangement extremely viable.

Best of all, a high-quality hosted solution will allow business leaders to stop worrying and focus their attention on more mission-critical priorities. A reputable service provider will handle all of the technological nitty-gritty, letting the company’s employees focus on what matters.


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