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Cloud Phone Systems: Cutting Costs, Boosting Productivity

August 25, 2014 by

Considering all the hype it received, it's easy to assume the cloud's benefits are overblown. Even if you know the advantages the technology can offer, and even if you've seen these advantages firsthand, it's natural to assume cloud computing is good, even great, but not a life-saver.

Then a study will come along and make you realize the hype's not really all that exaggerated. It's pretty dead-on.

Case in point: A new study from Forrester Consulting found that businesses saw tremendous cost savings and productivity boosts once they embraced cloud telephony services.

The Cloud Advantage

TMCnet reported that the Total Economic Impact study examined a wide range of information to determine the typical benefits a 600-employee organization would likely enjoy once it deployed a cloud-based phone system.

According to Forrester, a company this size can expect to see a 182 percent return on its investment over a three-year period. The payback period? Less than two months.

These financial gains came in a number of different forms. For one thing, companies would reduce their communication costs by an average of more than $1.6 million simply by eliminating disparate on-premise systems and software in favor of a business cloud phone system, TMCnet reported. Additionally, these cloud-based offerings helped employees connect to customers more quickly and effectively. This led to an average revenue increase of 4 percent for every customer-facing employee within the company, totaling more than $5.3 million in increased revenue over the three-year period.

Customer Service Superiority

This last point is particularly critical. Obviously, customer service has always been essential for consumer-facing businesses. The easier it is for potential and existing customers to get in touch with your business, the better your customer relationships, brand loyalty, and sales.

But in recent years, the significance of high-quality, timely customer support has skyrocketed. As consumers' use of smartphones, instant messaging, SMS and live chat tools has increased, so have their expectations. The average customer now not only hopes, but expects to reach a service agent or representative instantly, and will perceive any delays as unprofessional and unacceptable.

A cloud-based phone systems helps businesses to meet these evolving demands, putting them ahead of the curve when it comes to customer service and outreach.

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