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Cloud Unified Communications Altering the Sports World

March 09, 2015 by

Sports defy the lines of generations. No matter your age, location, or favorite team, there is camaraderie among fans. The world of sports is a unifying force that brings people of all backgrounds together both on and off the field, and teams are now using cloud-based services to ensure they give fans and athletes the experience they need and deserve.

Unified Communications and Analytics Changing How the Game is Played

Like many schools, the University of Pittsburgh's athletics department invested in HD video cameras, tablets, and computers to help improve its players' games, according to EdTech. During practice, athletes can strap on wearable cameras, and coaches can then upload the videos to a cloud-based service to edit and view. From there, coaches and players can analyze key plays and moves to improve their game.

"The more you can use what the kids are using, the more you can get them to digest the information you want them to digest," explained analyst and former UCLA football head coach Rick Neuheisel to the source.

Pitt isn't the only team to integrate technology into practices and games; professional sports leagues, such as the NHL and NFL, have started using the cloud to keep track of analytics. This is especially useful during draft and scouting season. According to The Guardian, professional teams are using cloud and real-time analytics to dissect an athlete's playing style and make draft picks.

Mobile Convergence Creates New Fan Experience

Sports are about the athletes, of course, but also about the fans. Without a following, professional sports would not exist. This is why teams are using unified communications to bring the ultimate experience to their supporters.

Sports organizations have begun to use cloud services to connect with fans, from analytics to location-based promotions. The New York Mets, for example, are using the cloud to gather fan-generated data, such as pictures or Tweets, and adapt games and services to fit supporters' needs, according to EnterpriseTech.

Other teams, such as the San Francisco 49ers, use the cloud to gain and maintain interest in their loyalty program. The NBA also uses mobile and cloud services to cater to its fans in various locations, offering deals and promotions from surrounding businesses, according to The Guardian.

With advanced technology becoming more widely available, new services can be integrated into your business. Sports teams are taking advantage of all that unified communications can offer them, from analytics to game improvement. These cloud-based services are changing the way the game is played and how organizations cater to their fans.

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