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Connected Commuters: Fuze Car Mode for Safer Mobile Meetings

March 10, 2015 by

At Fuze we want to help you connect with your colleagues wherever you’re working from. With mobile clients for both iPhone and Android devices, we’ve already made it easier than ever to join a meeting on the go. Tap one link and you’re in your meeting -- no memorization of long phone numbers, host pins, meeting control codes, or other dangerous distractions required. And for our users who clock-in the second they hit the freeway or spend more time in a car than a cubicle, we’ve taken safety a step further with the development of Car Mode, a simplified commuter-conscious interface.

When you join a meeting from your iPhone or Android phone, Fuze automatically checks to see if you’re moving quickly (about 15 mph) via your phone’s in-app accelerometer. If we detect that you’re on the go, you’re placed into a modified Green Room and notified that you’re entering your meeting via Car Mode, which is optimized for safe driving and low data usage.

To help you keep your hands on the wheel and your eyes on the road, Fuze Car Mode disables your video feed and replaces your participant pod with a large, simplified mute/unmute button. The easy-to-see button makes it easier to speak up, or eliminate your background noise when needed.

If meeting participants are sharing content, Fuze Car Mode replaces the content with a smaller thumbnail display and continues to focus on larger audio controls for ease of use. Disabling video and minimizing shared content transmissions not only makes for a safer ride, but also heightens audio quality while being mindful of data and bandwidth constraints when wifi is not an option.

Once you’ve arrived at your destination (or if you are a passenger and want full Fuze functionality), moving from Car Mode back to regular meeting mode is a snap -- just swipe down on the lower half of your screen to exit Car Mode. If you were muted in Car Mode, you will remain muted in regular meeting mode (and vice versa). Enable video simply by clicking the video camera icon.

Hitting the road again and want to be placed in Car Mode before hitting 15mph? You can always enter Car Mode by clicking the more button while in-meeting on your phone and switching on Car Mode.

--Alyssa Wells, Fuze Product Management

Questions about Car Mode? Visit our Car Mode FAQ.

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