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Connecting and Engaging a Global Workforce at Gartner PCC

May 22, 2014 by

Earlier this month Fuze sponsored the Gartner Portals, Content and Collaboration Summit in Los Angeles. The conference explored the variety of strategies and emerging tools organizations are using to drive bottom-line growth. Hearing from industry leading analysts and top thought leaders in the space, the trend toward employee engagement through mobile, social and analytics was a hot topic.

Fuze led a session on connecting and engaging a global workforce, outlining how companies like Groupon and Ogilvy use Fuze to stitch together workers across locations for faster decision making, improved engagement and better team performance. While the instance of remote and globally dispersed teams has become commonplace in business today, the promise of technology to truly connect distributed workers across and between organizations has been hampered by complex systems, prohibitive costs and siloed tools.

Despite, or in part because of this, the trend toward consumerization of IT continues to rise. There was plenty of discussion around management and best practice of BYO device and apps, as companies can no longer dictate the tools employees use to get work done. The challenge as we move to an increasingly mobile, cross-functional and dispersed way of working is supporting people how they actually work, and ensuring their tools work across the many devices they use throughout their day.

To download the presentation and learn more about how Fuze is thinking, building and deploying video in the enterprise, download the presentation "Connecting and Engaging a Global Workforce"

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