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Data-Driven Process Improvements With a Human Touch

May 27, 2014 by

Dr. Arthur Langer, who oversees executive IT management programs at Columbia University, wrote a compelling article on data-driven decision making with the premise that strictly using data to make business decisions can come up short if human behavior factors are not weighed.

We agree. But we also think that data that provides real-time dashboard views into the internal workings of a business can have strategic benefits toward aligning technology investments with business objectives. All without overlooking the human element.

Our analytics capabilities, deeply integrated into our cloud communications platform, provide just such information – in ways that allow customers to readily baseline activities and develop strategies that can lower human latency and measurably improve workforce processes across the business.

One of our customers, a national residential real estate company, offers a prime example. In this organization, communications data from a range of applications – voice, mobility, presence, and messaging – allows management to get a grasp on how their top sales professionals work and why they are successful. The data – along with ongoing discussions with agents (the human factor) – is used to formulate organizational best practices and chart improvements.

The results have included corporate revenue growth along with higher performance among all of their agents. In this example, actionable analytics data provides the framework, along with sales professional ideas and input, to drive better decision making as well as improved morale as agents now understand intimately how their day-to-day activities can make both themselves and the business more money.

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