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A Day in the Life Of… Alex Haldemann, Chief Executive Officer at MetaDesign

July 23, 2014 by

Our Fuze community around the world get up to all sorts of activities, every day! Once a month we profile you, the user and a typical day in your shoes. If you'd like to participate please email bryony@fuze.com.

To kick things off, Alex Haldemann takes us through 24 hours running global branding agency, MetaDesign.

Alex Haldemann, CEO MetaDesign San Francisco

5:00am: Wake up, go for a run in North Beach - never missing the beautiful steps up to Coit Tower (one of San Francisco's hidden gems).

6:00am: Walk across the street to MetaDesign San Francisco (I live 50 steps away from the office - the elevator ride up is longer than the commute across the road).

6:45am: Fuze with one of our European offices to discuss project updates.

8:00am: Grab my morning cappuccino at Jackson Street Café – an amazing café that serves cappuccinos just how I like them. The barista and owner Giovanni is Italian, and we always enjoy our chats.

9:00am: Internal meeting with MetaDesign San Francisco team to review current projects and set goals for the week.

10:00am: Client workshop in downtown San Francisco to develop a unique brand personality for a local start up in the hardware space (I'm impressed by the founders and their dedication towards the project).

1:30pm: Grab lunch at a wood-fire pizza food truck on the way back to the studio.

2:00pm: Fuze with a prospective client in Los Angeles.

2:30pm: Head to a local Irish bar with my son to watch the World Cup game and cry, because Switzerland didn't win (France was simply too good).

4:00pm: Make an espresso (which doesn't help to relax me from the loss).

4:30pm: Internal meetings to discuss project updates.

5:30pm: Make progress on an article I am writing on the role of "green" in branding.

7:00pm: Dinner and drinks with my wife at Kokkari, one of our favorite San Francisco restaurants.

10:30pm: Fuze with our Japanese client to discuss their social media strategy (FDA regulations make it hard to develop a creative strategy).

12:00am: Head to sleep (in my dreams, Switzerland wins).

Meta Design Crea

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