A Day in the Life of J.P. Dundas, NA Director of Channel Sales

November 06, 2018 by J.P. Dundas

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I’ve been at Fuze for nearly four years, and have been in the channel game for 14 years. Over this time, I’ve developed a certain set of skills and practices that have empowered me to thrive in my position and constantly reach new heights of success. Working in the channel is fast, challenging, and demanding, but by walking you through my average day at Fuze, I hope to  impart some wisdom to aspiring channel pros.

Handling Emails

No matter what is planned for the day, regardless of where I am, my day always starts with responding to and handling emails. I specifically use the term “handling” because I want to be clear that I am not just cleaning out my inbox. When I log on first thing in the morning, I’m reading and responding to important messages from our channel partners. Working in the channel, it is vital to keep up constant and frequent communication with partners. They need to know that you’re there for them, listening to their concerns and taking the time to provide thoughtful responses to their questions and requests. Just taking the simple step of being on top of emails first thing in the morning can help elevate your channel game to new heights, enabling you establish lasting relationships and a strong reputation in the industry.

Moving the Needle

Once I’ve handled the most pressing matters at the start of my day, the next step I usually take is to check in on the status of active projects. I try to follow up on everything that is in motion, ensuring that projects are moving forward, and nothing ever falls through the cracks. I’ve found it helpful to view these projects in a timeframe of the past 100 days. I think about what has happened during that time, always trying to find ways to improve the process and enhance progress to make sure that my team and I are doing the best possible work. This requires dedicated attention and effort, but the payoff is undeniable, as your partners will come to greatly appreciate the efficiency and effort shown in your work.

Building Fans, Both Internally and Externally

While the previous two steps usually come are consecutive, this step is something that guides me throughout the day. A big part of being successful in the channel is developing strong relationships with both your team and your partners, and the best way to do this is by being extremely communicative, attentive, and reliable. Whether that means getting up at 3 a.m. to catch a 6 a.m. flight to make a meeting hundreds of miles away, working late to help support a team on the West Coast, or just being responsive to partners and team members, you should always be thinking about how to best build these relationships and create fans out of everyone you work with.

You still might be wondering exactly what an average day looks like. But, there’s no simple answer. In the channel, every day is different. You need to be fluid, both proactive and reactive, and ready to shift course at a moment's notice. Yet, you also need to stay grounded and move towards a clear goal. Most of all, in being a team player and supporting your fellow channel pros, you can be a pillar of your team and ultimately, provide even stronger service to your partners.

J.P. Dundas
J.P. Dundas

J.P. Dundas is the Director, North America Channel Sales at Fuze. He works with partners strategically to help them build new business and strategy. Spending his entire professional career in the technology industry building direct and indirect channels, J.P. knows that the key to success is building strong relationships with partners, customers, and co-workers. In 2012, J.P. was named as "Readers' Choice" as a Top 15 channel manager in the telecom indirect channel by the readers of Channel Partners magazine and has also been invited to numerous President's Club's throughout his career. J.P. holds a bachelors degree in Business Administration from St. Xavier University and also has studied International business at the American University of Rome. J.P. loves spending time with his family, Duke 5, Colin 2 and his wife Brooke.  When he is not working he is trying to watch a game, hike a trail, or get on his boat to fish.

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