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A Day in the Life: TPN’s Provisioning Team

March 24, 2014 by

Enterprises are moving their communications services to the cloud with a newfound expedience, and this means that the provisioning team at Thinking Phone Networks is working harder than ever. At TPN, we pride ourselves on our provisioning and onboarding teams, as we believe that a hosted solution can only provide the proper benefits if it is designed correctly from the beginning.

Our main goal during the provisioning process is to align each customer’s cloud vision with our ThinkingSuite solution to ensure accuracy, speed, and future flexibility. We accomplish this by building upon sales engineer-designed systems with our own set of service onboarding tools. Customers are guided through every step of the process with a dedicated team, and they are given the flexibility to use automated tools to help speed along the process.

Heading up the entire process is Ken Westermann, Thinking Phone Networks’ director of provisioning. Ken has been with the company since 2007 and has the utmost confidence in his team, which consists of 24 provisioning analysts, engineers, and project managers, along with a dedicated corporate trainer. This core group of organized, creative, highly detail-oriented professionals has years of hands-on experience designing, provisioning, implementing, and supporting networks in enterprise environments and thrives on analyzing customers’ needs, providing guidance for integration of procedures, conducting demonstrations, and serving as an escalation point for customer inquiries.

Done correctly, UC provisioning can realize time and cost savings and increase the quality of moves, adds, and changes. Provisioning in the UC environment enables full lifecycle management, ensures that routine tasks can be handled both efficiently and cost effectively, avoids repetition, and increases management oversight. It also provides a consolidated view of users, phones, and locations across the organization and increases user satisfaction by simplifying processes and speeding up response times.

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