Empowering Frontline Customer Services Team with Cloud Communications

March 15, 2019 by Bradlee Allen

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Customer experience (CX) is now a business differentiator and that means every organization must bring its A-game when it comes to delivering fast and effective customer service. After all, if your customers don’t receive the experience they believe they deserve, there’s nothing stopping them from going elsewhere—and fast.

While customer experience is a top priority for leadership, the task of delivery often falls to those working in customer service and contact center roles. The right technology is key to empowering these frontline workers to deliver the best experience possible.

When communicating with brands, customers expect fast responses, easy interactions, and first-time resolution. From a technology perspective, the most effective way to deliver on these aspects is moving communications to the cloud—here are some compelling reasons to make this switch.

Better Access A great experience means giving the customer access to the right agent at the right time. On-premises systems bring limitations, restricting that access to only the agents that are physically present in the contact center.

Enabling Remote Work Cloud-based technology opens up a huge opportunity to bring in remote agents by enabling any frontline worker to log in and access the same dashboards and communication applications from any location, using any device.

Improved Availability Businesses can better support different time zones and language requirements and this flexibility also opens up huge opportunities for businesses to broaden their skills pool and attract specialists.

Staffing Flexibility What’s more is that the cloud enables businesses to better deal with spikes in demand that are so common in customer services. The ability to bring in remote agents as soon as queues start building or following an incident that could trigger a wave of incoming enquiries can be very powerful in tempering any frustration. This flexibility also makes cloud-based technologies ideal for those businesses with seasonal highs and lows, such as travel companies. Agent licenses can be added and removed as needed, with no physical infrastructure changes required.

Consumer-grade Experience There is also another critical aspect of the customer experience that is often overlooked: the people within the business who are responsible for delivering that experience. Workers have come to expect technology they use in their personal lives to be available in the workplace.Cloud-based communications and collaboration platforms offer that consumer-like experience, with ongoing upgrades to keep the technology fresh and relevant, making it easy for agents to interact with colleagues and customers in ways that are easy and familiar.

Digital workplace transformation is happening across the business world and it’s having a big influence on customer service and contact center operations. Cloud-based communications platforms will enable your business to keep up with this pace of change, ensuring customers always receive the experience they deserve.

To find out more about how the cloud can improve your customer service, join my talk at Call and Contact Centre Expo, which takes place on the Keynote stage on Wednesday 27th March at 2:45pm, and Thursday 28th March at 12:30pm. Visit us at the Fuze stand 910.


Bradlee Allen
Bradlee Allen

Bradlee Allen is the EMEA Product Marketing Manager at Fuze. 

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