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End of Life of ThinkingCommunicator and FuzeBox Meetings

July 16, 2018 by Eric Hanson

The products we use all have a life cycle. They eventually reach their natural end of life for various reasons, making room for innovative offerings that take advantage of the latest technologies and meet the evolving requirements of customers. At Fuze, our goal is to make any end-of-life process as seamless as possible for our customers and partners, and to provide as much visibility into what can be expected during the process.

For more than two years, Fuze has transformed its communications and collaboration offerings by introducing the Fuze Unified Desktop and Mobile apps and the Fuze Data platform. These apps combined the global voice services of our ThinkingPhones platform with the video collaboration experience provided by Fuzebox. We also layered in new machine learning and data capabilities from several of our technology acquisitions. The result is a seamless communication and collaboration platform that helps organizations reduce complexity and costs while reducing app fatigue and creating greater flexibility for user interaction in the workplace.

As the workplace and the composition of the workforce continue to evolve, Fuze will continue to optimize the platform to help our customers manage and adapt to the demands of the future of work. These legacy products are unable to support our recent platform innovations, which is why they must be retired. The benefits of these improvements include:

  • Increased flexibility, quality, and reliability through the next gen media infrastructure
  • Centralized real-time data providing organizations unprecedented visibility into the way workers interact internally and externally in the emerging gig economy

In the wake of these innovations and in our continued commitment to quality, we have retired several our point solutions including ThinkingCommunicator and Fuze Meetings. We also displaced ThinkingAnalytics, replacing it with our new Real Time Data Platform.

We have done our best to communicate with customers and provide a path to the realization of benefits provided by these new offerings, but sometimes emails and calls are missed. You can learn more about your options by clicking below or reaching out to your account manager.

Additional Information

Fuze Meetings:

If you’d like more information on Fuze Meetings, please reach out here.

Fuze Desktop and Fuze Mobile:

As a replacement option to ThinkingCommunicator, Fuze users can download our new modern applications, Fuze Desktop and Fuze Mobile, at no additional cost or with no change to your contract. Admins should instruct end users to download these applications, by first uninstalling ThinkingCommunicator and ThinkingMobile. Next, users should go to to download Fuze Desktop or the App Store or Google Play store to download Fuze Mobile. Users can use their existing Fuze credentials to log in to these two applications.

Eric Hanson
Eric Hanson

Eric is the Chief Marketing Officer at Fuze. He is responsible for setting the company’s global marketing strategy and overseeing demand generation, brand, and product & customer marketing. Eric works with other members of the executive team to lead the company’s vision and product strategy. 

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