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5 Years at Fuze: Why Working in the UCaaS Market is More Exciting Than Ever

September 03, 2020 by Vicki Robertson

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Next week, I celebrate my 5th anniversary of working at Fuze. I started on the marketing team at a small company called ThinkingPhones in Cambridge, Massachusetts in 2015. Being two years out of school, I didn’t know much about the telephony industry but knew the market opportunity for communication solutions was massive. I wanted to be a part of a company with explosive growth and sold a product that I would actually use. At the time, I had no idea that the Fuze product, and the UCaaS providers industry, would not only impact the work I did, but many other important aspects of my life.


After ThinkingPhones acquired Fuze (a video conferencing company) and rebranded with the Fuze name, our “new” company embarked on a mission to change the way people work. We wanted to make it easier to do your job and to let work flow. We didn’t want people to waste time thinking about which tool they should use for communication and collaboration; whether it be for a call, a meeting, or for messaging. 


“Should I Slack this person? Or do I text them?”


“Should I set up a WebEx or a Zoom Meeting? 


“What about this conference bridge?” 


“Should I call them? Call them on their cell phone? Call them on their work phone?” 


“Where do I send files? To their email?”


Fuze wanted to remove the friction of navigating from tool to tool depending on who you were talking to — or the work you were doing. In 2016, we introduced the first unified application among UCaaS companies that combined calling, meetings, and messaging into one application on desktop and mobile. This application truly exemplifies what unified communication solutions should be— unified. 


Another mission we had at Fuze was to create collaboration tools that enabled flexible work. With Fuze, you have the same experience in the office, at home, at the airport, or at the coffee shop. Our application allows you to work from wherever you are — something we believe everyone should be able to do. 


In 2018, I was still really enjoying working for Fuze, but I started to crave a change outside of work. I wanted to move from Boston to Austin, Texas. For many companies, asking to move to a new city and work remotely would be a deal breaker. You would have to look for a job in your new city and your employer would start the process of backfilling your role. At Fuze, however, my manager and I knew that through the Fuze product and our ability to work from anywhere, I would be able to easily communicate with my colleagues as if I were in the office — even if I was 2,000 miles away. Thanks to our technology and mission, my major move was a non-issue in my professional life.


We were right. I did not miss a beat when moving to Austin. I was able to maintain relationships through cloud communications with my colleagues, efficiently cross-collaborate with other teams, and deliver projects on time all while working outside of HQ. UCaaS and collaboration platforms provided me with the ability to communicate effectively and give me the freedom to work where I wanted, all while enjoying exploring a new part of the country. I was not restrained to a specific desk, office, or city. 


Fast forward to present day. Most companies rooted in the office were forced to send their employees home very quickly in March 2020. These companies were in various stages of their transition to modern communications and engagement in digital transformation. For those companies that needed to transition to a WFH model fast, it was amazing to see how the cost effective Fuze product, as well as our customer-facing teams, provided the business continuity needed for these companies to survive during this unprecedented time. Additionally, employees at these companies were realizing a new freedom away from their desks and from their commutes.


Here at Fuze, we are changing the way people work. Not many people can say that they work for a company that has affected their life in such a way, and I feel very fortunate that I can say this. And now, more than ever, I can see that Fuze and the UCaaS market is changing the way people work across the world. I’m very excited to know that at Fuze, we are shaping the future of unified communications and the way millions of people not only work, but also how people live.

Vicki Robertson
Vicki Robertson

Vicki is a Product Marketing Manager at Fuze. 

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