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Drive Successful End User Adoption with the Fuze Adoption Playbook

November 20, 2019 by Robert McIntyre

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There’s more to a successful implementation of a unified communications platform than a sound technical deployment. With 12 years of enterprise experience, we know that there are two main elements for successful adoption of a cloud-based communications platform: technical readiness and organizational preparedness.  


Organizations cannot only think about technical readiness - both areas are equally as important. Employees must be sufficiently prepared for organizational change (in this case, change of a new communications tool), as must your IT team. In simple terms, it’s just as important to prepare the people for the platform as it is to prepare the platform for the people. 


So how do we do this? The key is the engagement managers we have here at Fuze—these individuals are the bedrock in reducing risk during deployments, while also accelerating time to value for the customer. Their goal is to make sure that our customers are fully on board with the plan laid out for them based on their technical requirements and desired business outcomes. This way, we can ensure success by having a plan and a timeline for both implementation and adoption before the deployment begins. 


Here at Fuze, we approach success by helping our customers achieve maximum value by understanding and aligning Fuze capabilities with strategic business objectives. This approach is based on what we have seen work successfully for enterprise companies over the last 10+ years. We continue to be influenced by our most successful customers and their adoption stories.


This is why we’ve recently released the Fuze Adoption Playbook—to share our best practices for those with a vested interest in driving adoption and effective lasting change during their migration to Fuze and beyond. The resources include helpful tips, checklists, and templates to organize your team internally and effectively roll out the Fuze platform to your organization.


Michele Buschman, VP of Information Services at American Pacific Mortgage, states, “Fuze understands that as an enterprise business, replacing a communications system is complex. It’s not just replacing phones on desks. Fuze took the approach of trying to understand our business and making sure that the Fuze solution was a good fit for us.”


We’re eager to help our customers leverage these adoption best practices that we’ve honed over the last 10+ years, and better understand why Fuze has been proven in the enterprise time and time again. 


Learn more about the Fuze Adoption Playbook here

Robert McIntyre
Robert McIntyre

As Director of the Fuze Professional Services North American Engagement Management team, Robert and his team are responsible for creating tailored implementation plans and SOWs to help customers successfully migrate from their existing complex legacy systems over to the industry leading Fuze cloud platform. 

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