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What Does it Truly Mean to Provide Enterprise-Grade Cloud Based Unified Communications?

June 24, 2020 by Dean Holmes

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Now more than ever, it’s important for your organization to fully understand what is cloud-based unified communications. With entire companies being forced to shift towards working remotely, it's crucial that you use a cloud-based unified communications platform that is trustworthy as many businesses have begun using a freemium model for communications platforms that won’t necessarily be sustainable in the long-term—especially for enterprise organizations. At Fuze, we have 10+ years of experience serving the enterprise and understanding what successful cloud unified communications are comprised of: security, reliability, and stability. 




Security at scale is critical for enterprise companies, who may find themselves expanding rapidly to meet the speed and growth of their business. As their company scales, it becomes harder to manage the security of company information that lives on employee devices and company servers. Particularly with the freemium offerings that other enterprise communication services are offering today, there may be significant security vulnerabilities that put your organization at risk. Additionally, in the spirit of virality, some applications have even used 3rd party providers with questionable privacy practices, like Facebook, to authenticate users—creating even more security issues. If your enterprise is relying on communications solutions that can cause gaps or weaknesses across your tech stack, that is not a true enterprise cloud unified communications platform. We understand that security is a team sport, and our first-class, worldwide support team and product roadmap prove that this is what makes us the best enterprise-grade partner to your business.




When your business employs hundreds or thousands of workers, your executive team does not have time to worry about whether or not their communications solution or platform could fail at any moment. While there are several aspects that differentiate Fuze from the freemium models out there, first and foremost is our global calling capability—this is what makes what we do true enterprise-grade cloud based unified communications services. With Fuze’s industry-leading global coverage, there is no need to worry that your cloud communication services will fail to meet the needs of your enterprise employee base spread out through various locations around the globe. 


Second, Fuze has customer support and success offerings that extend far beyond the initial sale and throughout the entirety of the customer lifecycle. With over 10 years of enterprise experience, we focus on tailored deployment, adoption, success, and support services to ensure that your company is technically and organizationally ready for migration to Fuze's communications solutions, helping you accelerate time to value. Our Customer Success and Support teams help customers understand, analyze, and resolve issues throughout your buying, implementation, and enablement processes. Fuze treats each relationship as a partnership and works with our customers to ensure seamless migration, implementation, and adoption processes of these new communications systems.


Regarding end user adoption, Fuze Success Plans stands out among enterprise providers—most of whom leave IT teams to deploy the services on their own. We acknowledge that there are several elements that can introduce risk into your Fuze cloud service implementation, whether it’s your technical environment, tight timelines, internal sourcing, and change management with your users. 




While many enterprise companies have used free, consumer apps or other short-term fixes as a collaboration tool to connect their workforce over video web conferencing, messaging, etc., with them comes a lack of stability that cannot be guaranteed when using a freemium model. Our cloud based communication platform provides full stack voice, video, messaging, and screen sharing that is deployed with redundancy across the globe. Diversity across access points and failover across each global region means that your users always have a strong cloud-based communication experience regardless of their available connectivity. Our enterprise security certifications including SOC 1, SOC 2, and ISO 27001 ensure that information security and safeguarding our customer data is at the forefront of our operational and development processes. With Fuze, you’ll never have to worry about poor meeting or call quality due to connectivity or security issues within your communications systems. 


At Fuze, we know what the enterprise needs, and we’ve been building products around these demands for more than a decade. And due to the security, reliability, and stability of our product, there is a reason that Fuze wins 9 out of 10 POCs over the competition. To learn more about why Fuze is the chosen UC cloud platform for the enterprise, download the Forrester Wave™: Unified-Communications-As-A-Service (UCaaS) Providers, Q3 2019. 




Dean Holmes
Dean Holmes

Dean is the Director of Product Marketing at Fuze. 

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