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Stronger Together: The Benefits of Using Unified Communications & Contact Center to Work from Anywhere

August 05, 2020 by Dean Holmes

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In today’s world, it’s more important than ever to be able to work from anywhere.  Most enterprise businesses are moving their daily operations and software applications to the cloud, and forward-thinking IT leaders are doing the same with their communications solutions. To remain more flexible, agile, and “future-proof” as a company, moving communications to the cloud makes the most sense— and allows employees the mobility to work remotely from wherever, whenever. 


One Platform: Combining UCaaS & CCaaS for a Seamless Experience


Today, legacy PBX solutions from providers like Avaya, Cisco, and Mitel are both too expensive and too difficult to manage—between clunky hardware and the astronomical costs of software updates and maintenance contracts, these are not “one size fits all” technologies. Most businesses need communications solutions that are flexible, fit the needs of your organization, and can scale up or down at the speed of your business, all while mobilizing your workforce. 


Enter Contact Center as a Service (CCaaS) and Unified Communications as a Service (UCaaS). While you may already be leveraging—or considering—UCaaS in your organization for calling, meeting, messaging, and content sharing, you should also consider combining this with CCaaS for your business needs. Now, there is no need for contact center agents or supervisors to use a separate application or platform for contact center operations. This serves as one communications tool that provides a single source of data for all activities, which ensures a holistic view of agent activity throughout the work week. 


By combining unified communications and contact center, Fuze enables you to get everything done within one platform—seamlessly—by combining voice, chat, SMS/text, video conferencing, collaboration, and contact center. Ultimately, this completely eliminates the need for workers to transition between different technologies that cause both call center agents and supervisors to be less efficient and productive. 


The Importance of Flexibility and Mobility


Employees are beginning to demand experiences that mimic technology in their personal lives, emphasizing the importance of modern work-life balance. Our research shows that the majority of workers say flexible working should be how we work and not just a benefit. Additional research found that 83 percent of workers reported they don’t need to be in an office to be productive. While it is clear that the traditional 9-5 no longer meets the needs of the modern workforce, these preferences can only become a reality with the right communications and collaboration capabilities.


The benefit of a cloud-based unified communications & call center solution is the mobility and flexibility that it grants agents and supervisors. With remote work being the new normal, contact center agents need to be enabled to work from home. Using Fuze, agents can access and participate in queues from their mobile device, desktop application, or web browser, and serve customers when they can’t be in the office. 


Technology is generating significant opportunities for people and companies to begin to understand work as an action and not a place. Investing in tools like UCaaS & CCaaS provides businesses with an accessible, adaptable collaboration solution while also enabling immediate flexibility. Equipping the workforce with what they need to do their best work, how, when, and where they are most effective results in a happier, more productive organization. With this outlook on technology, greater flexibility is more than just working from coffee shops and taking on-the-go conference calls, it's giving employees better control over their day-to-day work without losing a second of productivity. 


Visibility for Managers & Supervisors


When workers and agents are remote, visibility into activity is key to maintaining a highly productive workforce. When visibility is transparent, it’s not about watching over your employees, but empowering them to understand how and where they fit within your organization. For contact center supervisors, real-time insights into the queues and agents being managed provide context for how your teams are managing call volume, where there may be gaps, and which agents may need additional assistance. This is especially effective when this can all be done through a single pane of glass, and doesn’t require moving from app to app. For end users, the ability to set your status and see the status of your fellow employees, provides a level of transparency that allows workers to collaborate when it’s most convenient for them. 


In today’s world of flexible work, it’s more important than ever to streamline unified communications and contact center technology, which ultimately allow your enterprise to continue thriving from anywhere. 


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Dean Holmes
Dean Holmes

Dean is the Director of Product Marketing at Fuze. 

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