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Why Upgrade to UCaaS When Your Video Conferencing Solution Works Just Fine?

October 21, 2020 by Bill Schneider

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Over the past six months, you’ve probably led or participated in more video meetings than you ever could have imagined. Since the majority of information workers are working from home, we’ve turned to video meetings for our check-ins, team meetings, and presentations. Across the Fuze customer based, video meeting usage increased by nearly 600%. Many organizations around the world have turned to various internal meeting platforms to perform business in a world shut down by COVID-19. Those solutions— usually separate from each other— get the job done just fine. But as we approach the end of the year (and since many of us will not return to the physical office space until some time in 2021), it’s time to think about how these solutions are best serving our productivity in our daily work, and how we can benefit from unified communications.


While it’s true that standalone video conferencing platforms—or messaging solutions, for that matter—usually perform their function adequately, there are a variety of reasons why upgrading to a unified communications as a service (UCaaS) platform may completely change the way organizations get their work done. Now that we live in a world where remote work has become the norm, having tools that allow us to streamline communication and do our best work are even more important.

A Seamless, Unified Experience to Maximize Productivity

Whether it’s calling, audio/video conferencing, messaging, or sharing content, Fuze’s UCaaS platform provides everything your users need to seamlessly power conversations across your enterprise. Our platform is an all-in-one application that works across all devices and around the globe in order to achieve unified communications. The fully-owned stack provides you with a comprehensive view of usage, engagement, and productivity across your organization, and integrates with your critical enterprise applications such as Salesforce, Zendesk, Google, and Okta to streamline workflows.


Fuze’s UCaaS interface will allow your workforce to start calling, chatting, meeting, sharing content, and managing call queues with a few simple clicks. and easy-to-use interface. It’s all available in one experience, tailored to your organization’s needs. Without having to switch back and forth between various solutions, you can streamline communication by sending messages, hosting video meetings, or even placing a phone call all within Fuze. You don’t lose time trying to figure out navigating between a few different applications, or have to download new software before you can accomplish what you need to get done.

Mobility & Flexibility

As we embrace the flexible remote work lifestyle, we need to be able to share files, send a message, or place a call to colleagues at the drop of a hat during the work day. However, what happens when you’re at the doctor’s office and your boss needs a certain file, but you don’t have your computer? Luckily, with Fuze’s UCaaS mobile app, you can do everything you would do at home on the go.


Being able to send a response, join a meeting, or send content while on the move is a game changer. It unchains us from our home offices and allows us to accomplish what we need to in our personal lives—be it a doctor’s appointment, picking up the kids from school, or going to the grocery store—while still being able to be present for your team from anywhere in the world.

Built for Your Enterprise

Rolling out a new unified communications solution in the enterprise isn’t always easy. The Fuze team can show you the way with our proven and validated implementation methodologies we’ve developed based on more than 10 years of experience deploying to enterprise companies. We focus on tailored deployment, adoption, success, and support services to ensure that your company is technically and organizationally ready for the migration to Fuze, helping you accelerate time to value.


While the video conferencing solution you’ve been using might work well, don’t you want to have the most seamless experience possible when you sign into work from your home office every day? Send messages, make calls, share files, and host video meetings with no problem or glitches. Using a unified communications solution like Fuze allows you to do all this and more—all from within our platform.

Bill Schneider
Bill Schneider

Bill is a Senior Manager of Product Marketing at Fuze. He has extensive experience building, managing, and mentoring successful pre-sale solution engineering teams at both startups and established companies.

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