Flex Summit: 2040

July 23, 2019 by Amanda Maksymiw

Flex Summit presentation

For the final  Flex Summit session, our speakers imagined what the future of work will resemble in 20 years. 

Co-founder and VP of Product and Marketing for Ava Robotics, Marcio Macedo, introduced us to Ava, a mobile robot that allows remote, on-the-go workers to have physical access to their offices. Ava is the solution to maintaining a human connection so that distributed workers feel fully immersed in the daily activities of their workplace. Ava Robotics envisions a future where robots are commonplace and are continuously working to evolve Ava’s intellectual capacity to where it will be able to go beyond judging space and moving autonomously, to having an understanding of the work being done and assisting users in their tasks. Ava Robotics sees 2040 as a world where an Ava is fully accessible and adaptable in any environment, even outside of the workplace. 



Our final speaker, Elizabeth Kiehner, global leader and design principal at IBM, challenged attendees to think about current and future workplace trends. Kiehner believes that today’s workforce must prepare for the culture of the future by creating engagement and enabling feedback at all times to provide people an environment where they can’t fail. This includes cultivating an environment that is collaborative, digitally innovative, and effective; and one that is catered around individuality so that a person’s well-being is at the center of the workplace. It is important to remember that workers are the driving force behind future of work trends, so it’s up to us to conceptualize and decide what the workplace will resemble in 2040.  



Our inaugural Flex Summit was a destination for inspiring thought leaders and networking opportunities for like-minded visionaries. Speakers taught us to be mindful of the impact work trends will have globally and walked us through the infrastructural and technological changes necessary to support flexible work. They also shared insights and best practices to drive company culture to become more adaptable and helped us to imagine the rapidly-approaching future. 


Even though Flex is over, it doesn't mean the conversation needs to end. Click here for more resources regarding the future of work and for tools to become a changemaker in your organization. Stay tuned for more details on Flex 2020! 


Amanda Maksymiw
Amanda Maksymiw

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