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Fuze and LiveMinutes - Transforming Team Workspaces

May 20, 2015 by

By Kemal El Moujahid

Today, the LiveMinutes team officially joins Fuze and I could not be more excited. Alex Dufetel and I co-founded LiveMinutes in 2011 with a vision to provide teams with a better way to communicate and collaborate around projects. Being part of Fuze will vastly accelerate our ability to deliver on that vision, and provide a service that brings all of the pieces together in a way no other vendor has done. I’m also excited by the speed at which we will get there: we are already launching an early beta of a tightly integrated solution with select customers (more on that later).

Why we are so excited to join Fuze

From our first pitch to investors as LiveMinutes co-founders, Alex and I were targeting the knowledge workers’ pain point of having to switch between email, docs, phone, chat, and losing so much context and productivity in the process. Our vision was (and still is) to provide

a tool that helps teams bring together the people, conversations, documents and meetings associated with a project into a more seamless experience. We built the foundation of this team workspace with LiveMinutes, but adding a global, high-quality meeting experience is very difficult. And we knew Fuze quite well: we knew they have one of the best cloud-based solution on the market today with HD-quality voice and video communication, screen sharing, interoperability, etc. It was a no-brainer that the combined products would be a killer value proposition.

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Inviting meetings to the collaboration party

Team collaboration is a sexy topic these days. Meetings are kind of the opposite. So why move our center of gravity towards meetings with Fuze? Put simply, it’s arguably the most critical step of collaboration that needs fixing right now. Fixing meetings and making it a seamless part of the collaboration flow will unlock incredible value to the user. Of course, there are lots of tools to help you meet, but most are disconnected from the other tools you commonly use and nearly all live outside the workflow of projects. There are also lots of team workspace and messaging tools, but none do a good job of incorporating meetings, including what happens before and after in context of a project. This is mostly because they have to use third-party tools, whereas we get to control all the building blocks now.

Projects are essentially a collection of related conversations, documents and meetings that take place over a period of time. Every meeting pain point, every minute wasted in meetings, can actually been linked to crack in the collaboration flow.

Take meeting notes as an example (one of the first areas we will address). It’s hard to have a productive meeting if you don’t capture key points and action items and distribute after the call. Good meeting notes “live on” to keep project teams aligned, hold people accountable and serve as a guide for the next discussion. This is where the synergy between a workspace and meetings gets interesting. We can help transition conversations in context outside of the meeting within an asynchronous workspace, until it re-escalates to a follow-up meeting. This alone would solve a huge pain point around meeting.

Solving these pain points is the roadmap.

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The journey starts today

Today, we released an initial integration in private beta to a select group of customers. As an entrepreneur, I need a base to iterate on, to be driven by real user feedback and usage. With APIs, it would be easy to create a basic connection between two products, create some connected bubbles on a Powerpoint slide and declare integration. We have the vision, a great starting point, and a pretty good plan to execute to get something awesome. If you’d like to join us, I invite you to Register for early access of Fuze Spaces to our beta project. I’m excited to embark on this new step of my journey and hope you will join us.

Kemal - CEO LiveMinutes - VP Product, Fuze.

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