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Fuze Customer Success: How We Work

September 04, 2014 by

This is a two-part series on Customer Success. Read part one here.

What does it take to build a high-performing Customer Success team?

While in the future there may be, there is no such thing as a classically trained CSM.  Today, Customer Success Managers can come from anywhere. At Fuze we have former educators, salespeople, professional athletes, project managers, customer support managers and SaaS lifers on the team. We believe building a great Customer Success team means bringing together people variety of skill sets and backgrounds, who all share one common trait - a consultative approach to work.

The variety of experience and skill of each individual in the Customer Success team brings enormous value to Fuze; as a whole we provide creative, human strategies for our customers that reflect our range of backgrounds. (Learn more about each of us individually in Part I of this post.)

When people ask what it is like to work on our team, the best way is to explain our guiding principles:

Share every day.

To stand in the CSM pod is to see us constantly discussing our customers and our product. It’s not unusual to hear us ask,“hey, has anyone ever had a customer that has had…” or  “does anyone have a use case where they…” or “I’m hungry does anyone have a snack?” (That one happens a lot). There is this old notion that sharing information somehow diminishes recognition or people worry someone might take credit for your work. For a small team like ours that needs to move fast and trust each other, sharing information, ideas and feedback is the only way to get our work done.  The tools we use, like Fuze, Yammer, and Hipchat, strengthen our ability to collaborate.

We’re always learning from (and for) our customers.

Whether or not they are part of our portfolio, we visit customers as a team, constantly trying to learn from the most effective and creative ways people are using our tool. In this way, our customers can reap the benefits of our experiences.

We recognize that switching tools or introducing new ones can be challenging. To help manage that change and build enthusiasm and expertise in Fuze, we create resources for our customers and have other CSMs pick them apart to make sure we’re thinking through every use case and scenario. The Pre-Flight checklist is just one example of an educational material we built to help our customers adjust to a new video conferencing example. Project plans, quick start guides, training scripts, communication templates -- all of these come part and parcel with working with your CSM. You’ll get the best from what other customers have already done and from what our thoughtful, passionate CSMs have to offer.

Drinking our own champagne.

Fuze is on all day everyday! CSMs are always on with customers, building real face-to-face relationships through this nifty piece of software. Think about the last time you received an “angry” email from a customer. When we get these, we respond with “Can you hop on Fuze for a few minutes today to discuss?” It’s amazing how much personalizing the interaction, even over video, can change a challenging situation into a positive one; the angry email turns into thoughtful discussion and an action plan. When you meet us, you’ll see we’re not a serious bunch but we take our work very seriously.

Learn more with our Customer Success team and how to get started with Fuze with our engaging videos and guides.

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