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Fuze Delivers Next-Gen Screen Sharing, new Android and Rooms apps

February 12, 2015 by

Winter ‘15 Release: HD Screen Share, new Android and Rooms apps Greg Saiz, Fuze Product Management

Fuze has made optimizing quality, reliability and the overall user experience a primary focus over the past several months. This focus will continue throughout 2015, so we are accelerating our product roadmap to include some exciting new features as of the Feb. 5th, 2015 update.

We’ve Raised the Bar on Screen and Content Sharing Fuze allows you to share virtually anything with flexible options for screen and application sharing and uploading content. With our latest release, we continue to raise the bar on content sharing quality and flexibility:

  • High-Definition Screen Sharing with Remote Control -- Fuze now has the highest quality, lowest bandwidth screen sharing in the industry, period. That’s a bold assertion, so try it yourself and tell us what you think. It delivers higher resolution, better motion handling and uses half the bandwidth compared to others. We’ve been testing the technology with new customers and Fuze employees for several months and the improvements are dramatic. Paid accounts also have access to our much improved remote control.

New Android and Rooms Applications The new Fuze experience will be available on all major platforms:

  • Fuze for Android now available - After a thorough beta period, the new Fuze for Android application is now available via the Fuze website. It has been tested to support Android smartphones and tablets up to 7 inches. Support for larger tablets is coming soon. Android users now have full capabilities to schedule, host and join Fuze meetings.
  • Fuze for Rooms on Windows - You now have more options for extending Fuze into your meeting rooms. Based on a high volume of customer requests, Fuze for Rooms is now supported on both Mac and Windows. Learn more about Fuze for Rooms.

Optimizing the Fuze User Experience Our goal is to provide the single best user experience for video conferencing and online meetings. To that end, we continue to enhance and optimize Fuze by looking at user behavior and by talking directly to our customers. The latest release includes several enhancements:

  • Green Room Audio Switching -- You’ve loved the Green Room feature, which offers the ability to check audio and video settings before entering a meeting. There is always room for improvement and you’ve asked that we make it easier to switch from computer audio (VoIP) to dial-in or call-me. We listened, so our new tabbed Green Room makes it all that much easier to select which way you want to connect. We’ve also made it easier for computer audio users to adjust selected audio devices. This feature is now available for Mac and will be coming soon to Windows.
  • Show/Hide Participants -- We want to make it easy for participants to see what is important to them. For some, viewing the video conference and seeing who is in the meeting is critical. For others, viewing a shared screen or content is most important. With a quick click to the video partition, you can now show/hide the participant flimstrip at the top of Fuze. This way, participants can control the view to accommodate what is most important to them. This feature is now available on Windows and will make its way to the Mac soon.
  • New Browser Replay -- Newly recorded meetings will now play back in our new browser interface. The new browser replay does not rely on Adobe Flash. This will enable Fuze to support playback on mobile devices in the near future.
  • More Colorful Fuze on Windows, Mac and iOS -- We’ve punched up the colors on Fuze to make it easier to see buttons, etc. We hope you like it.

Whew! 2015 is off to a great start.  Get the latest Fuze apps for all your devices on our Download page. We encourage you to check for the update, dig in, explore and let us know what you think. We’re listening.


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