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Fuze for Rooms Puts Pressure on Incumbent Video Conferencing Vendors (Aragon Research)

November 13, 2014 by

Fuze for Rooms is shaking up the video conferencing industry. David Mario Smith, research director, Aragon Research posted his analysis of how Fuze for Rooms is changing the way customers are thinking about room-based video conferencing. Read the report here:

Aragon Research First Cut: Fuze Entry into the Video Conferencing Room Signals a New Price War

Why are customers choosing Fuze for Rooms?

Fuze for Rooms is quickly gaining traction, complementing and often replacing traditional room-based video conferencing and telepresence systems. It allows you to video-enable any room using off-the-shelf hardware, providing an immersive video experience.

ThoughtWorks, a global technology consultancy with 3,000 employees in 13 countries and 32 offices is expanding its use of Fuze.

“With clients and projects distributed across the globe, it’s critical for us to be able to work effectively across a range of locations and contexts,” said David Whalley, CIO, ThoughtWorks. “We see a strong alignment with Fuze in our vision for a globally connected workforce. Fuze provides a consistent experience across devices, desktops and meeting rooms. We are expanding our usage to cover the entire organization.”

Fuze Rooms Aragon

Here are seven reasons why customers are so excited about Fuze for Rooms:

1) Consistent, desirable user experience across desktops, devices and meeting rooms - Fuze for Rooms is the same Fuze service, but optimized for meeting room environments, which means users are already comfortable using it and don’t require special training or hand-holding to launch calls in meeting rooms.

2) Great quality and performance with low IT requirements - Fuze features the highest-quality HD video conferencing experience for video, voice and content shared during a meeting. Because it is a cloud-based service, we reduce headaches for IT and provide centralized provisioning, controls and analytics.

3) Video-enable more meeting spaces - small to large, boardrooms to huddle rooms. Fuze for Rooms delivers greater functionality than traditional video conferencing at a fraction of the cost, allowing companies to video-enable more types of rooms, including less formal huddle rooms.

4) Wireless content sharing - people in the room and participating remotely have the ability to wirelessly share any type of content (videos, animated PowerPoint presentations, images, etc.) from their laptop, tablet or smartphone. No more plugging in messy cables.

5) Big cost savings by consolidating conferencing applications - Fuze is video conferencing, audio conferencing, web conferencing and so much more. Many customers are consolidating their conferencing applications within Fuze to give users a common tool, while saving a lot of money in the process. Another way customers are saving big is by moving a percentage of their audio conferencing minutes to Fuze’s native VoIP conferencing capabilities. Users can still dial-in using their phone, but leveraging VoIP for even a portion of global calls can translate to huge cost savings. Fun fact: More than 70% of monthly Fuze meetings include VoIP. It is that good!

6) Software-enabled conference rooms - People use meeting rooms for very different scenarios. Fuze for Rooms runs on a Mac mini, which means customers not only have a fully optimized video conferencing solution, but also a powerful computing device for running other applications within the room. Some customers use the device to display the room’s calendar and users can instantly launch the meeting from the calendar entry.

7) Connect to third-party video conferencing and telepresence systems - Fuze for Rooms can easily connect with traditional video conferencing and telepresence systems from Cisco, Polycom, LifeSize and others, making it easy to reach more people both within and outside of your organization. With the Fuze Telepresence Connect service enabled, users can easily dial-out to hardware-based video conferencing systems, or allow them to connect into a Fuze meeting.

Interested in learning more or trying it out? Go here: https://www.fuze.com/rooms

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