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Fuze Gives Back: Community Outreach @ Glide

June 30, 2014 by

Giving back to the community is one of our most important and valued missions here at Fuze. In the corporate world, often times we lose ourselves in deadlines, forecasts, revenue growth strategies, our exotic trips, and our luxury cars, that we take for granted many of the most important aspects of the human condition. On Friday June 20th, a group of Fuzers participated in the Serve a Meal volunteer event with Glide Memorial Church in San Francisco. Glide provides numerous social service programs for the local community, including meals, childcare, after-school programs, training, HIV testing and shelter services.

Eleven employees from various departments spent the morning preparing and serving breakfast and coffee for 250 fellow San Franciscans. The rewarding results the team experienced far surpassed the hard work performed.

Here’s what a few of them shared about the experience…

"It's always great to help people in need, and even better to do it along with friends and coworkers. Many of the people at Glide were truly grateful for our efforts, and I'm glad we could get together to make their day even just a little bit better." – Peter Moore, Product Marketing

"Volunteering at GLIDE was a profound experience for me in that it was a face-to-face encounter with not only San Francisco's poverty but also the larger challenge we face as a society today in caring for the underprivileged. GLIDE serves a kaleidoscope of constituents and openly embraces all of the needy. We are so privileged to have had an education, work, and our health that it is easy to forget that it is important to also look out for those amongst us who may not have.” - Perry Wang, Quantitative Analyist

“The other volunteers and staff at Glide were all very eager to help those in need. The positive energy they brought made the whole experience very uplifting and positive in a place that serves those who often have little reason for positivity. Being able to put a smile on someone's face and pancakes in their stomach ended up being a great way to start my morning.” – Nate Lee, Director of Operations

"Volunteering at Glide was such a great reminder of the power of donating your time. We were part of a cause that provided a wonderful service to other San Francisco residents that, while only taking two hours of our own time, positively impacts the continued ability for Glide to provide a healthy meal to those in need." - Julia Schnugg, Customer Success Manager

“It was amazing to see the volume of people fed over the course of our volunteering. I had dish duty, and it was incredible to see the number of trays that passed through the dishwasher. Very rewarding!” – Dovid Coplon, Project Management Director

“Being able to give back or to lend a helping hand has always been a part of my life, working at Fuze shows me their unwavering commitment to helping others. Helping at Glide last week was my first volunteering effort with FUZE and I can say it was one filled with a lot of gratification to be able to provide my time and assistance to such a worthy cause. I would love to do it again and again... and again!” – Khurram Dass, Tier II Support Engineer

"At Fuze we spend a lot of time trying to figure out how to bring people across the world together in a way that feels personal and real. Spending the morning at Glide last week reminded me of how much of the world i fail to see, or maybe choose to ignore, that live within my city limits. I was humbled by the gratitude, pain, and reality that met me with each meal we served. While it's great to always be thinking about how we can connect people in the future through Fuze, It felt good to have those personal, real moments with people who I've never met and maybe will never see again and do something to change lives TODAY. – Cat Avendano, Customer Success Director

"It was such a rewarding experience being able to greet everyone as they came in. My face hurt from smiling so much!” – Michelle Monzones, Human Resources Director

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