Fuze News from #EC19: New Samsung Strategic Partnership and Availability of New Product Innovations

March 18, 2019 by Eric Hanson

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This week Fuze is attending Enterprise Connect, which brings together enterprise communications and collaboration decision-makers and business leaders embracing the future of work, making it the perfect venue to share our latest news.

Samsung and Fuze announce strategic partnership in the age of 5G/IoT

We have announced a new strategic alliance with Samsung Electronics America, Inc., one of the leading providers of mobile devices and solutions for the enterprise.  

Together, we believe the convergence of 5G networks with the industrial Internet of Things (IoT) and machine learning will transform the modern workforce with faster and more accessible connectivity. This convergence will power mission critical-use cases in remote locations, from smart transportation and logistics to manufacturing, construction, energy, farming, and healthcare. With this partnership, Fuze and Samsung will prepare global organizations for a more flexible and mobile future of work that drives productivity and engagement at all levels of the workforce, no matter their location.

This relationship paves the way for future innovation based on joint solutions anchored by Fuze’s unified platform and user experience, combined with hardware from the leading mobile device manufacturer for the enterprise, Samsung. Together, we will empower organizations to be more agile and competitive as they enable the next generation of digital workers.

Our mutual customer, Waste Management, is speaking on the main stage at Enterprise Connect.  They’ll share their frontline worker story and howFuze and Samsung are in 15,000+ trucks. The use of Fuze and Samsung has helped increase safety, reduce costs and complexity, and open the door for new use cases.

Fuze ships version 5.5 with integrated peer-to-peer video calling & screen sharing

In our experience, we’ve seen that about 90% of collaboration is internal, the vast majority being 1:1. With Fuze 5.5 users can eliminate the friction of moving from a call, to needing to screen share or meet face to face. Fuze 5.5 enriches 1:1 communication and collaboration, allowing people to enable screen share or video with 1-click simplicity in Fuze-to-Fuze calls. In this mode, video and screen share are routed peer-to-peer making the interaction seamless, high quality, while also minimizing unnecessary network traffic. By reducing the barriers to seamless content sharing and face-to-face interaction, Fuze 5.5 enhances the user’s experience promoting richer collaboration and enabling greater productivity.

Our belief is that software should not get in the way of creativity and work. Instead it should fall into the background and enable people to do their best work with one another. We think the best way to do this is through a single platform that includes Fuze-developed audio, video, and chat technologies. This provides greater control for the creation and delivery of a richer user experience. It is eliminating the hassle of switching between different tools. It is eliminating the pain of dealing with loosely integrated or white-label tools. Fuze 5.5 turns calling into a visual experience and is available now, across all device types including mobile, web, and desktop.

Fuze Discover is now generally available, unlocking unprecedented insights into communications data

Discover, Fuze’s latest premium offering that provides deep interactive analysis of communications and collaboration activity, is now generally available. Discover uses activity data to break down silos, which enables enterprises to identify new trends to guide strategic business initiatives.

Leveraging insights from communications usage patterns across voice, video, and chat can help organizations identify macro trends to help them drive business efficiency and cross functional productivity, and gain a competitive edge.  

Fuze Discover enables IT leaders to analyze:

  • True ROI: Ongoing real-time visibility measuring actual usage with the baseline operational goals set at the start of the Fuze deployment

  • Adoption: IT leaders can evaluate product adoption by department and region, helping to identify enablement gaps post-deployment and prioritize training and onboarding tactics

  • Usage Patterns: Organizations can measure usage patterns by department and region to help uncover and address cross-functional team misalignment and trends around device preferences that can lead to cost savings

  • Performance Metrics: Customers can benchmark workforce effectiveness against communications patterns to determine how, when, and where teams do their best work

As part of the Fuze Data Platform, Fuze Discover complements the standard data products included with the service, which include Fuze View for real-time dashboards and performance reporting, and the REST API which allows organizations to export and integrate communications data with existing line of business applications and BI tools.

These strategic announcements support Fuze’s commitment and dedication to empower the modern workforce with the tools they need to perform their best work.


Eric Hanson
Eric Hanson

Eric is the Chief Marketing Officer at Fuze. He is responsible for setting the company’s global marketing strategy and overseeing demand generation, brand, and product & customer marketing. Eric works with other members of the executive team to lead the company’s vision and product strategy. 

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