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Announcing Fuze Customer Success On Demand

August 31, 2021 by Alexia Parsons

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I’ve learned a lot about customer success over the past 5 years on Fuze’s customer success team. Now a leader in the organization, every day I’m proud to see how we approach client success at Fuze. We believe it’s everyone's responsibility across the organization to help our customers be successful and achieve their goals. But it’s not just team mentality that helps drive our customer satisfaction.


Over the years, I’ve realized that it’s important to avoid a one-size-fits-all approach to customer success, and instead take a tailored approach to adoption— and understanding the customer’s business. In other words, personalize, personalize, personalize. Different customers want to engage differently, and it’s our job to tailor our approach to their preferences and needs.


We’ve evolved our customer success offerings accordingly to meet evolving needs. Last year we created Fuze Success Plans to address and personalize what is important to our customers. And today, I am thrilled to announce our newest program, Customer Success On Demand. This is our latest innovation in Fuze’s award winning customer success program, and enables clients to access customer success specialists on demand to help them with the following:


  • Evaluate their company’s overall adoption
  • Help navigate self service tools
  • Provide training material overviews
  • Update contacts
  • Walk through Fuze resources
  • Schedule a business review

With this program, we can assign clients to the right success specialist — all of whom have deep expertise in different areas across the Fuze platform, data, and services — at the right time, to help our customers better achieve their business goals.

We’re excited to embark on this next phase of the Fuze customer success journey with you. For more information, visit Customer Success On Demand. You can also email customersuccess@fuze.com with your question, or schedule an appointment.

Alexia Parsons
Alexia Parsons

Alexia is the Senior Director of Worldwide Customer Success at Fuze. 

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