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Ask the Fuzer: What Does Women's History Month Mean to You?

March 17, 2021 by Fuze

women's history month 2021

In honor of Women’s History Month, we’re taking time to reflect on the powerful, resilient and inspiring women we surround ourselves with everyday. As an organization, we’re continuing to educate and honor the advancements women have made in technology. In the last five years, as women have continued to pave the way for more equity in the workplace, women holding C-suite level positions have increased by 24%. This is a statistic we’re watching and one we hope to see continue to rise. We asked Fuzers to share what this month symbolizes and means to them.



 “As I reflect upon Women's History Month, I am reminded that we still have so much work left to do. While incredibly grateful for the many actions of individual, courageous and talented women who broke glass and made long lasting impacts on society as a whole, my hope is that this courage endures within each one of us and encourages and inspires us to carry that responsibility forth, and continue to benefit the many.” - Elisa Gilmartin, Chief People Officer



  “Women’s History Month is such an important time of year because it reminds everyone of all the strong, brave and resilient women who have sacrificed and created new norms for the women of today. We now have to keep building, keep pushing and keep learning how to work with confidence and excel so the future women can share new and better opportunities and ideas with the world.” - Emily Howard, Team Lead, Account Management



 “As a woman of color, Women’s History Month is dually important. Not only is it imperative for women’s achievements to be celebrated but, this month offers the opportunity to learn about those women whose names aren’t often acknowledged, yet have also made significant contributions to our lives. There’s a special bonus when any one of those women happen to look like me. It proves what I’ve always instinctively known to be true, that labels are nothing more than limitations and we too can achieve anything!” - Katrice Gerald, People Operations Specialist



 “Celebrating all the women who have achieved success in their own fields and by their own definitions. As I learn and grow each year different women’s stories resonate with me in each new phase of my life, which is why representation and exposure is important all year, but especially this month.” - Marissa Maliwanag, Senior Manager, Global Logistics & Provisioning



 “This month is the beginning of a year long conversation about progress, where we've been, and where we still need to go. Women's History Month is a moment in the spotlight where women step out of their comfort zone into a place of vulnerability and are met with support and acknowledgment. This month helps shape the roadmap for the next 11 months—making sure that we are having a different conversation next year and starting from a new vantage point." - Liz Dube, Director of User Experience



 “Women's History Month is important to me for various reasons. I look up to many women, both past and present, to learn from their successes. Princess Diana became a philanthropic force. She worked tirelessly on behalf of charities worldwide, using her fame to raise awareness for numerous important humanitarian issues.  Fast forward to today: Kamala Harris, the first female VP of the United States.  If that is not encouraging for young women of all races, ethnicities, and backgrounds, I don't know what is. From iconic musicians to social media influencers, women in history have helped pave the way for women today to be heard.” #empoweredwomenempowerwomen - Peggy Pavidis, Enterprise Customer Success Manager



  “To me, Women’s History Month is the opportunity to educate myself about the women who have made an impact on the world but aren’t as talked about. Rather than the women that everyone knows, I try to do research into women whose names we don’t hear as often — like Laura Cornelius Kellogg or Claudia Jones. I’m grateful for the reminder to stop and appreciate the women, particularly women of color, who came before me— and made many things I take for granted possible.” - Alex Campanelli, Content Strategist



 “Women’s History Month, for me, is the time to reflect and appreciate what has been already accomplished by the effort of many fearless women worldwide. It's also time when I draw inspiration from the amazing women at home, in the workplace, within the community, in our country, and around the globe— and try to commit to taking action in the continuous effort for a more equal and free world."  - Yuliya Balikhina, Principal Program Manager


At Fuze, we’re continuing to gather insights from our female colleagues to build a community of empowered women through programs like Fuze Women's Network. This program connects women across the company and provides opportunities for leadership, networking, learning and skill development. We’re choosing to challenge the stereotypes and biases in the technology industry by asking the tough questions and pushing ourselves to become advocates for change. Happy Women’s History Month 2021! 

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